8/8-9/8 Shopee SALE

In celebration of this year National Day and Shopee 8/8 Sale, we are having some pre order sales of various products we are newly putting up in our inventory.

2 of our sale items are the Pegasus R2R DAC and Monoceros R2R Preamp from Musician Audio. With 9% off at promotional price of S$1,496.95 and S$1,597.95 respectively, you can save a further S$38 by applying our vouchers claimable from our store page. This will bring down the items to just S$1,4858.95 and S$1,559.05! That’s a saving of almost close to S$200 each.

Down the more affordable options but no lesser discounts are the Draco R2R DAC which is a tier below the Pegasus – like a baby brother. At S$48 discount at promotional price of S$977, applying the S$38 voucher will bring it down to a whopping S$939, for a very capable R2R DAC!

Lastly is the increasingly popular DDC in the audiophile community, the Xing AF200 USB. It may not be much comparatively from the aforementioned products in terms of dollar shavings, but the -S$18 promotional price of S$267 going down lower to S$259 with the $8 voucher is still a very substantial and definitely worthy offer totalling more than 9% overall.


Through Shopee, collect your daily Platform or Bank vouchers and stack them all together for even higher savings!

This is possibly the lowest price you will be getting these amazing products from QA!

All vouchers and discounts are time limited!

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