Father’s Day Super Saving Nobsound Bundles

We are having our first promotional bundles to bring some joy to all Fathers/Dads/In-Laws/(and uncontrollable audiophiles) this May-June!

Nobsound is our next brand of audiophile products we carry in. They may not be the most glamourous brand one can associate with in terms of being audiophile. However, in terms of their high value of price/performance factor, Nobsound is one brand that is VERY tough to beat. Low price, beautiful, awesome construction and very good performance at this price,  Nobsound definitely can find its place in some of the music lovers here!

Let’s go straight to the point! We are having a bundle sale for Nobsound NS-1800 speakers and MS-10D MKII hybrid tube amp. Both are available for order in our webstore and sales outlets at Carousell and Shopee.

Selling individually, Nobsound NS-1800 speakers is S$174.90 (for a pair!), MS-10D MKII hybrid tube amp is S$169.90 (normal model) and S$208.90 (Bluetooth/USB model). There are probably no other retail in Singapore one can get these at these pricings, even at individual pricings.

Bundled up, the price is even more staggering unbelievable:

NS-1800 speakers + MS-10D MKII (normal model) = S$328 (U.P S$344.80)
NS-1800 speakers + MS-10D MKII (Bluetooth/USB model) = S$368 (U.P S$383.80)

For less than S$370, you are getting a complete system of 4-inch 2-way bookshelf speaker powered by a hybrid tube amp.

NOW, for this Father’s Day promotion, we are slashing the price even lower, because Nobsound deserves more, and also all Fathers/Dads/In-Laws/(and uncontrollable audiophiles) deserves some savings in enjoying a good budget system!

NS-1800 speakers + MS-10D MKII (normal model) = S$288 ~ 爱爸爸!(U.P S$344.80)
NS-1800 speakers + MS-10D MKII (Bluetooth/USB model) = S$328 ~ 想爱爸!(U.P S$383.80)

Doing the math, this bundle is possibly a savings of over S$100+!

Now for the details of this promotion is as below:

  • There are 2 ordering periods, from 26th May to 1st June, and 2nd June to 8th June
  • Orders collected within the respective periods will be placed on the last day of that period.
  • So last day of order on the 8th June will still have time for the shipment to arrive by 17th June, the weekend of Fathers’ Day!
  • And orders placed in the first period will get the shipment earlier, that is one weekend before Father’s Day.
  • Full payment is required for the order.
  • Excluded from the bundle price is local shipping which is at default flat rate of S$3/first item, S$2/subsequent item we implemented across QA. So the shipping for this bundle to your house is S$5 (2 items).
  • Self-collection can be made as requested, with no fees. Collection time can be arranged, location is Hougang Ave 5 carpark.
  • Model and colour choices cannot be altered after the last day of the period in which the order is placed.
  • All bundles come with 1-year warranty from QA.
  • Promotion bundles end 8th June 2017.


Nobsound NS-1800 speakers

MS-10D MKII hybrid tube amp

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