A feature-rich KT88 Integrated Tube Amp from Yaqin that possesses beauty and power

When power is called for in amps, tube amps can never be not considered. When tubes are to be mentioned in terms of power, KT88 is definitely one of the tubes that come out top.

With 4x KT88 tubes as power output for this Yaqin MS-110B integrated tube amp, you will never be shortage of oomph. Rated at 54W per channel at 6 ohm Ultralinear mo’de (tube amps’ power is always rated a few times lower than solid-state, or SS, amps), this tube amp can easily power most, if not all, speakers effortlessly.

Preamp tubes are driven by 2x 12AU7 and 2x 12AT7 driver tubes in SRPP circuit connection. Together with 12AX7, these 3 series of driver tubes are almost a trinity base for most pre-amping jobs in many amps. The wide availabilities of these tubes in different brands and varieties certainly give tube amp users great choices in tuning to sweet flavours easily attainable by these tube types.

Tube-rolling does not stop with the driver tubes. KT88 has already got a myriad of choices of reissue brands to choose from. Gold Lion is always a crowd favourite, while Tungsol and JJ have their own following faithfully heralded. If budget is not an issue, there are always New Old Stocks (NOS) or used tubes produced from the 40s onwards. These are the real gems in vacuum tubes; basically premium working antiques!

In addition to KT88s, this Yaqin MS-110B also accepts 6550 tube types! They have the same beautiful, bulging (except Svetlana’s) yet imposing figure of KT88. Similarly, roll them with reissues or NOS tubes, the power this amp and 6550 tube combined is sure to give you very long period of fun and delight! Tube rolling is easy with the bias-adjustment on the amp itself with a multimeter. Instructions are provided in the manual or available just through us when we are setting up your amp for you!

The amplifying power provides more than just enjoyment and performance on speakers. With a 6.35mm headphone output, pure tube sounds can also be savoured on your headphones! With a minimum impedance acceptance of 32ohm, a wide range of headphones can benefit from the warm smooth sound of tube amp. Especially with planar-magnetic headphones that always craves for high power to be driven, Yaqin MS-110B definitely is not breaking any sweat to provide the juice for your power-hungry headphones!

This feature rich tube amp continues with a switch to toggle between Ultralinear and Triode mode. These two modes are common connections within the circuit of tube amps that provides different power outputs and also different flavours of sounds. Ultralinear has a high power output, i.e higher gain. It boots a higher dynamism to the sounds, a wider soundstage, and more clarity. It sounds like a SS amp in some sense. This mode is great for orchestra, ensemble and classical genre of music.

Triode mode on the hand has a lower power output. Volume control tends to be higher for similar sound level appreciation. However, this mode has a very sweet, smooth and creamy tonality to midrange of the music. Hence it is a very popular mode chosen for vocal genres like pop and opera. The soundstage is deep as opposed to wide, as the immersive experience is in depth instead of width. Either modes can be toggled on the fly even with the music being played. A-B auditioning can be done to see which mode is preferred. A pop sound when switching is normal.

With 4 inputs available, one of it being a dedicated pre-amp input for pure power tube amplification, there can be many sources to be connected to this amp. Toggle buttons between the different sources are built beautifully in front. Yaqin MS-110B comes with a full-aluminium remote for adjusting the volume and toggling of the sources inputs as well. Enjoying the music from this amp do not need you to leave your comfortable seating area! That is also you can be staying away from the heat! Heat are always generated from tube amps, and this amp does produce an immense amount. Touching the tubes while the amp is on is very dangerous. Scalding of fingers and hands can be easily scalded if not careful, especially with young ones running around. Hence a cage is also provided in this package so the tubes are protected, as well as fingers and hands too.

With even the remote control made from aluminium and cage made from steel, Yaqin MS-110B continues the use of high-quality materials to the rest of the entire construction of the amp. Steel and aluminium sheets form the exterior together with mirror-finish on the front and side to create a highly stylised, industrialised yet futuristic look of an amp design that seat grandeur on any rack or desk. Aluminium crafted for the volume pot is one smooth-like-butter operation in adjusting the volume. At the back panel are high-quality binding posts and RCA jacks that are bound to secure all connections hooked to them. Safety is never compromised. Each channel has its own fuse to prevent any unexpected surge that may damage your speakers without them. Another fuse is for the power, prevention of power surges that can damage the amp. The correct rating of the power fuse are inserted accordingly to the different input voltage. And with the voltage selector, Yaqin MS-110B has no problem working with the two input voltages anywhere in the world. Just set it before switching on the amp.


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