In our ever-improving efforts to create a positive listening experience and trust for customers who are interested in our products, we are in the midst of opening private sessions available for auditioning selected QA products in a home setup.

The advantages of having an audition in a real living environment can accurately portray how the products are being used in such a setting, by allowing the rendering of an acoustic environment that is natural in the presence of home items (tables, rug, sofa, curtains etc). Retail shop often have the auditioning parameters artificially setup to simulate almost a perfect studio/acoustic setting that is hard to replicate at homes. That is the reason why sometimes products can sound so good in shops that customers are happy to bring them home only to realise they tend to sound a bit different.

QA’s home is at Eastwave Canberra, Sembawang, It is a new estate between Yishun and Sembawang where amenities in this region are slowly becoming self-sustaining as well as being soon-to-be-served by the impending Canberra MRT station along the red North-South Line.

Auditioning sessions are strictly by appointment only. Please contact us here or WhatsApp us at +65 9423 9296 to make an appointment.