Introducing our unique Personalised Audition service

It is a well-known predicament that we tend to love deeply how certain products are being showcased or displayed in showrooms, but only to be disappointed that they do not perform as good or seat as well when they are shifted from store environment to our living spaces.

And this is where Personalised Audition comes in.

Before buying any audio product, hearing for yourself how it performs is one important and crucial step. It allows you to experience if the product is up to your own expectations, and not what other reviews or experts had written or said. Every one has different tastes to how they want their music to sound, and only you can decide for yourself. But it is only too, if you have a choice to decide upon hearing it before committing your purchase.

Personalised Audition is where we will bring down our products to your place, i.e house or studio, and plugged into your own current system of hardware and have the audition carried out that way. But the question is, why are we emphasising on doing that?

Well, take the situation of buying a TV, if you had such experience before. You may, or may not, already had an idea in mind which brand to buy, what size to buy and what functions to have. However then shopping for a TV in electronic stores often gives you a scenario where almost ALL TVs displayed are great! All look beautiful, all look crystal sharp, all look huge.  At that moment your intended choice may be fuzzy, and the salesman performed his sales pitch and you were bought over. When your brand new TV finally arrived back home, reality may set in. Why were the images not as sharp when you remembered it looked superb at the store? Why the TV seemed so big now that it looked unproportionate to your house furnishings when you remembered it looked just nice, even with measurements in hand?

Sounds familiar?

It is a common trait for any products to be displayed at their best in their stores or showroom. The TVs in electronic stores are all fed with high-quality HD/UHD(2K)/SUHD(4K) videos so the panels can show them at superb resolution glory. Do we always have those sources of videos from broadcasters to always display on the TV back home? Without the appropriate resolutions of the content, the TVs will just upscale the image to the native resolution and show it. Just imagine enlarging a JPEG; pixelation occurs and now the TV display will not seem as sharp.

With so many TVs being displayed at the store, our perception of the sizes may be deceived too. TVs appear smaller in store than they are displayed solo at home. A comfortable size in store could be too big for a house especially if there is limited space.

The above scenario can extend to furniture shopping, i.e at IKEA, and audio audition too at various HiFi stores. Especially in HiFi stores, there are so many factors store owners could have put into consideration in ensuring customers are having the best listening experience they can have; cables, power filters, acoustic materials, layout, furniture, listening position, high-quality sources, maybe even EQed sources etc. All these are meant to make the listening sound the best you can. Unless you are duplicating the exact same setup and room dimensions and only listening to that same music you hear at the store back at home, it is perfectly normal to find discrepancies in your listening memory from those stores compared to back at home.

We shall not say this Personalised Audition service will ensure the discrepancies above are totally eradicated. But we are very very sure what you are hearing with our Personalised Audition is what the equipment should sound at your home as close to your space and rest of the equipment can provide. We set it up with your sources and cables, in your favourite listening position and placement, within the specifics of your room acoustics and furnishings. There. No second guessing when your purchases arrive. You heard it as what it is meant to be heard.

Another great thing about this? You are not even stepping out of your house!

If you are interested in having a Personalised Audition at the comfort of your home, head over here to see what products we are offering for this unique and exclusive service and book for a time slot now!

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