Newly introduced this time, in our commitment to show even more value to customers, is an introduction of a tier-pricing strategy, “Pre-order Savings”. While all is good when available stocks are purchasable, with our new tier-pricing coming into effect, items will also be made available to ship or collect after a lead-time up to 14 business days which they will be priced at a marked down amount. This policy not only aims to reward customers for their patience and understanding in continuing to support QA despite the unavailability of stocks, it also gives customers the choice to purchase an item at a lower cost even if the stocks are available but have no problem waiting. All products (unless unique by itself i.e NOS tubes) will be available under this tier-pricing. (Products that required more than 14 days of lead time will be indicated in their respective product pages.) But as with purchasing of immediate stocks, full payment is still required.

Brick and mortar retail business has always one capable point in satisfying the need of consumer – the availability of stocks that allow buyer to get what they want almost immediately without waiting.

As much as we would always like to keep our inventory at a level of sufficiency to cater to buyers who can get/collect what they want in the shortest amount of time, our current scale of business is not sustainable to be doing that to all of our products we offered.

Operating this business from a flat may have its advantage (read more here) but it also meant we are lacking a significant storage space a proper warehouse/office/shopfront can offer. Keeping high level of stocks can be a difficulty in this sense.

Furthermore, audiophile retail is an ever-evolving line of business. The constant improvement and upgrading of gears will mean that not all products can last very long in the timeline of consumer ownership as well shelf life in the shops. Some audiophile brands are even controlling their productions because there is no benefit in having a load of outdated models in their warehouse tagged with clearance discounts in a long run after a few seasons. It is not uncommon to only have specific orders done upon a purchase at certain brands too in which case that is also how much of a quality they are emphasising in a controlled manner of production.

Importantly we are looking at this situation positively. By keeping old stocks to a minimal, we are able to refresh the inventory lineups to reflect the current technological specs of products this industry has to offer. This means our products will always be kept updated and relevant.