Personalised Audition is where we will bring down our products to your place, i.e house or studio, and plugged into your own current system of hardware and have the audition carried out that way. The significance of this being:

  • you will be fully aware of the synergy and compatibility of our products with your current setup.
  • you will be able to audition right to the accuracy of your place’s sound acoustic.
  • you will be able to audition your senses accuracy by being in your own comfort zone.
  • you will be able to decide exactly the aesthetics and suitability of our products seated with the rest of your furnishings.
  • you do not need to come out, just wait for us to come to you.

Personalised Audition applies to our lineup of tube amps at the moment for that fact of its sheer weight at 20+kg. We wish to cut down the hassle of returning if you realised it is not suitable without a proper audition. At QA, while we have the policy of returns, it is having your ultimate satisfaction and anticipation upon purchasing from us being our goal.

Every booking of a Personalised Audition is S$50. However, this fee can rebated off the price of the tube amp if purchase is decided, effectively rendering the Personalised Audition service as free!

Current products available for Personalised Audition:
Yaqin MS-110B KT88 integrated tube amp
Muzishare X5 EL34 integrated tube amp

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