5N Pure OFC 15awg Solid Core Copper Bare Speaker Wire In Cotton

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  • Superb quality solid core copper speaker cable in bare wire form
  • 99.999% purity OFC solid core copper
  • Cables built entirely by hand from the raw materials up
  • Sheathed in pure cotton sleeves, the ultimate choice for high dielectric material in hifi, through the entire length
  • Inserted into thick, heat-resistant and high quality heat shrink tubing to hold copper and cotton in place
  • Treated into a form of wire nominally 4mm thick in diameter, well insulated and protected
  • Can be used directly even without termination by inserting into speaker binding that can be held on by screwing
  • Will definitely improve bass significantly with clarity, allows the bass to go so much deeper you can just feel it
  • Presents a balanced tonality throughout, opening up the sound to a wide and natural soundstage
  • Listening will just be more natural with solid core copper as the enveloping, open sound will draw you in more to feel much more involved
  • 1-year warranty from QA
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Superb performance in a scaled-down look and cost!

Here is our 5N Pure OFC 15awg Solid Core Copper in Cotton speaker cable in bare wire form. Other than the absence of the sleeving and cable divider, this bare wire is exactly the same as the finished product at a much lower cost.

For those who do not bother about the aesthetics and a finishing touch, bare wires for speaker connections are excellent money-savers. They are also the only connections in hifi that can still work without any terminations required! That is another huge investment saved from high quality banana plugs or spades (just skip the cheap ones).

So basically these thick solid core copper bare wires are usable straight from purchase after stripping them off the insulation sleeve! And connecting them bare to speakers/amps allows an even higher level of direct contact between the equipment, cutting down on signal loss and degradation.

More details on the fabrication can be read at the finished cable link here. But in summary, our 5N Pure OFC 15awg Solid Core Copper speaker cable are manually threaded, hand-sleeved and insulated in its entirety by hand, all done locally in Singapore. The cotton sheath layer between the conductor and the exterior insulation serves as both dampener as well as a dielectric layer, which cotton is touted as one of the best in hifi applications.

The sound signature is the one that perhaps need reiteration. Solid core copper for speaker cables should be the way forward, because they open up the sound so easily and naturally. They do not dampen/round off the vocals to present it as warmth like some stranded cables do, but they allow the nuances of the voices to flow, rendering the acoustic feel alive. Solid core copper also does fantastically on the bass – the cleanliness and tightness is just enjoyable.

If handling the rather rigid flex of the cable is a challenge, the sole challenge, one could overcome, there is probably nothing this solid core copper cable will disappoint after that. If so, our 14-days return policy still stands.

*Certain blemishes or slight abrasion on the exterior of the cables are perfectly normal. We seek your understanding as this is afterall a hand-made item.

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