Amphenol RCA Cable in Sleeved Silver-Plated Copper Twisted-Pairs

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  • 100% designed and handcrafted in Singapore
  • Terminated with superior quality of Amphenol RCA plugs
  • Uses Teflon-insulated SPC cables in the construction
  • Engages 24AWG solid-core cable for the positive signal and 24AWG stranded cable for negative signal
  • Soldered with WBT 4% Silver content solder
  • Twisted pairs of cables are sleeved with matching-cloured polyester braids; adds the toughness, handling and beauty factors
  • Forward, crisp and silent in the sound signature!
  • Lengths are in pairs
  • 3 years warranty from QA
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Following great success from our first Audiophile Braided Teflon-insulated SPC 3.5mm Audio Interconnect Cable, QA is producing another interconnect cable in the form of the analogue RCA under Quartz Acoustic Customs.

In the pool of so many choices, we selected one of the finest RCA plugs produced by Amphenol. Their M Series of RCA plugs are not only accomplished in the build quality with a strong cast of chrome finish and gold-plated contacts, they are definitely superior sonic in quality and beauty factor!

With experimentation and prototyping done, like how we did for the implementation and construction of 3.5mm interconnect cable, our RCA cable engages a solid-core Teflon-insulated SPC cable as the positive/hot/left/right signal carrier. A longer run for RCA cable allows the rigidity of a solid core cable to be used as compare to a short 3.5mm interconnect cable. A solid-core cable fixed the cross-sectional shape of the cable down the entire length when twisted, theoretically improving RF shielding in lengths of 2m or less. Having a more flexible stranded cable (for the ground signal) as the twisted pair prevents the cable from becoming too rigid, balancing the flex of the cable length.

Sonically, the solid-core and stranded cable performs as well as their physical forms called for. Solid-core cable gives the sound an added tightness and presence in both the lower end and mid-range, while stranded cable adds an openness to the sound. As usual, silver properties in SPC cables often delivers an added crisp in sound clarity and accuracy. Silver properties are maintained even in the solder of the joints, with WBT 4% Silver content solder being our always-preferred choice in soldering. With Amphenol RCA terminations, the plugs just added silence to the background (if your source is high-quality enough). Hearing dead silence when nothing is supposed to be heard is a pleasure.

And finally, polyester braided sleeves are colour-matched to the grommet of the RCA plugs, completing an aesthetic finished look and making the cable tougher in handling.

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