Braided Teflon-insulated Silver-Plated-Copper 3.5mm Audio Interconnect Cable

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  • SPC cables are highly-regarded as signal carriers in the audiophile community for their purity of sounds
  • 24AWG strand each for left and right channel
  • 2x 30AWG for ground
  • 4 strands braided for all-angle twist and flexibility
  • Strain reliefs at both ends for added toughness and appeal
  • All connections are hand-soldered with Hi-Fi grade WBT 0820 4% Silver solder
  • Height-relief in termination plugs allow ease of insertion into recessed ports (eg. due to thick mobile devices covers)
  • Cable length: 9-10cm (+-) excluding plugs
  • Comes with a beautiful drawstring pouch as carrier for cables/devices
  • 3 years warranty from QA


Designed and totally handcrafted in Singapore, this 3.5mm audio interconnect cable will enhance your audiophile listening experience. Base materials are Teflon-insulated silver-plated-copper (SPC) cables. These are highly-regarded as signal carriers in the audiophile community for their purity of sounds and is of significant improvement over 4N/5N copper strands of cables. Great for connecting DAPs and portable headphone amps. Can be used on connecting DACs to desktop setups too.

Selection of materials and constructional designs had gone through various rounds before this end product is released. The result is a combination of performance, ergonomic, durability, aesthetics and economical values set at a high optimum.

No detail is too small to be overlooked. In one previous version, the braids were constructed from the usual 3 strands; one each for left, right and ground channel. However, the problem with that was a 3-strand braid will never be round like a 4-strand braid. Hence a 3-strand braid construction will not be flexible (as it was flat), and the curvature of the cable was always pre-defined. A 4-strand braid of 24AWG cables will be too thick and became inflexible as well. The ideal solution was then to combine 2x 30AWG cable for the ground channel, while, at the same time, flexibility of a round 4-strand braid could be achieved.

Do share your impressions of the improvements this cable brings!

* Welcome custom length request! Additional S$5 for every 10cm. Add the type of termination first, then add the additional length wanted in multiples of 10cm.

For example, if you wish to buy a “Two ‘L’ Plugs “termination type in 30cm length, add the “Two ‘L’ Plugs” selection to the cart first. Then add 2 quantities of ‘Custom lengths in 10cm multiples’ to the cart. Total will be S$30.

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1 review for Braided Teflon-insulated Silver-Plated-Copper 3.5mm Audio Interconnect Cable

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The cable was made and mailed out very quickly upon ordering, and arrived promptly as promised. Immediately through my DAP/Amp and IEMs, I could hear an audible difference in quality against cheap name-brand short cables. For little cost, it’s a nice upgrade over existing stock cables, and the added height relief in the termination plugs fit any phone case I’ve tried it on so far. The drawstring bag included is a nice touch as well, though the cable will probably spend more time plugged in to my stack than it will in the bag! Definitely would recommend trying out QA and their products for anyone looking to step up their cables for a small price.

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