Canare GS-6 Shielded Amphenol RCA Cables

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  • 100% handcrafted in Singapore
  • Selected the fine GS-6 instrument cable from Canare as our next RCA interconnect cable
  • Proprietary double Carbon/Braid Copper shield
  • Terminated with superior quality of Amphenol RCA plugs
  • Soldered with WBT 4% Silver content solder
  • Musical and silent in the sound signature!
  • Sweet mid-range
  • Tough but still flexible
  • Lengths are in pairs
  • 3 years warranty from QA
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Longer RCA cables have always been requested by customers. RCA cables without shield is perfectly fine for short distant runs. When an unshielded cable becomes longer, it can pick up noise and interference along the distance and potentially introduces it into the destination equipment. It can be like an antenna.

Above is a worse-case-scenario in any case, because even our unshielded RCA cables made from SPC cables are finely and uniformly-twisted to reject most interferences. However, for a better quality subscription of choice for our customers, another wonderful cable from Canare is added into our RCA interconnect inventory.

GS-6 is listed as an instrument cable from Canare. “The proprietary double Carbon/Braid Copper shield construction eliminates microphonic handling noise” It is also suitable as a Hi-Fi interconnects application from Canare. More importanly, having GS-6 as our next RCA interconnect cable choice was simple; the sound quality from this cable is just MUSICAL.

Our SPC RCA cables are often perceived to be defining and crisp; and indeed they are because SPC cables have that characteristic. Canare GS-6 cables, on the other hand, maintains a clarity that has a perceivable sweet spot along the mid-range. Tap your feet to the beats and rhythm of the sounds this cable is capable of producing. Feel the space the sounds are bringing you while silence remains silence. If SPC cables are considered digital-sounding, GS-6 cables are definitely analog-sounding. If SPC cables are considered Ultralinear-mode-sounding, GS-6 cables are definitely Triode-mode-sounding. The choices between these two cables are just complementary.

With such sound characteristic, GS-6 RCA cables are greatly enjoyable on connections from analog sources to preamps to amps. But seriously no one is going to stop them on any connections as long as it is analog, line-level signal!

WBT 4% Silver content solder remains our always-preferred choice in soldering. Having Canare GS-6 terminated on Amphenol M series of RCA connectors completed the superiority of combinations and aesthetics too. Tough on the ends but still flexible on the lengths, quality is result while staying beefy.

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3 reviews for Canare GS-6 Shielded Amphenol RCA Cables

  1. kel

    1 of the best cable from canare for interconnects… this was made proper with excellent amphenol connectors.

  2. Seah

    This sounds very compatible with my cdp! Brings vocals closer and separation was better but not harsher. If this is what was meant by ‘musical’, yes, I feel it is 🙂

  3. Mori

    This can be slightly expensive. But can feel the quality of the canare cable and amphenol plugs. RCA fits really tight to my amp, although probably wont be taking them out any time soon as I am growing to liking the sound. I am happy with this..

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