Furukawa OEM 17mm thick Audiophile Superb Quality Power Cord

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Now comes with Aucharm UK plug config!

  • Thick gauge of cable at 17mm!
  • 4mm of copper strands in each of the 3 cables inside.
  • 99.999% (5N) Oxygen-free Copper (OFC) wire strands.
  • Combination of cotton insulation and copper-braid shields maximises the high effectiveness against RFI/EMI.
  • Cable is sleeved with sleek black polyester sleeve for toughness and added protection.
  • Red copper contacts of IEC plugs terminations ensure highest performance of current conductance.
  • Your music will sound better with improvements over any stock cables.
  • 1 year warranty from QA
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This power cord is made from Furukawa OEM cable. They are different from Furutech; Furutech has not direct company relationship with Furukawa.

Furutech used to acquire Furukawa OEM cables in their line of power cables, until Furukawa discontinued audio power cable construction in the early 2000s, and Furutech picks up where it left and expanded their own line after that. This cable is from the remaining supplies of Furukawa.

Furutech cables are very expensive now. Furukawa cables are no longer as expensive. Other outlets selling high-priced Furukawa cables are taking advantage of the confusion. Let this be clear, FURUKAWA and FURUTECH are DIFFERENT. This cable exhibits the superior sonic quality of Furukawa (synonymous of Furutech if you like since the technology is picked up from Furukawa) while selling for a fraction of the cost of Furutech.

If OEM products is concerning or the price is doubtful, or Furukawa is still want to be perceived as Furutech, feel free to look elsewhere 🙂

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