Modded and Upgraded OEM Reisong QAQ6 12AX7 Tri-tube Preamplifier 4 Ins 2 Outs with Swappable Capacitors

S$ 940.0

  • Limited sets available in stock now.
  • Usual lead time in restock and modification and upgrade is 12-14 days
  • Our QAQ6 is the Reisong factory advance unit which includes 6V6 and 6J1 as part of the current stabilisation setup on the rectifier board.
  • The unit sold in Aliexpress for over S$590 (with shipping) is the basic set without 6V6 and 6J1 in rectifier board.
  • Comes with upgraded coupling caps to ClarityCaps CSA
  • Comes with upgraded secondary caps to WIMA MKP10
  • Comes with upgraded filter caps to vintage NOS Philips
  • Comes with Reflektor 6n6c and 6U4n-Eb for the 6V6 and 6Z4 upgrades
  • Comes with GE JAN 5654W for the 6J1 upgrade
  • Comes with UK power cord
  • 1 year warranty from QA


A detailed writeup of QAQ6 preamp can be read here. Below are the summarised pointers:

  • 4 inputs 2 outputs
  • Main coupling capacitors installed with terminals for easy changing of caps to any brands or grades for different level of sound
  • Default installation of coupling caps is the midrange hifi upgrade in ClarityCaps CSA. Midrange is exceptionally smooth and balanced with these highly acclaimed caps
  • Secondary caps upgraded to WIMA MKP10 to improve on the clarity further from the stock caps
  • Filter caps upgraded with vintage NOS Philips caps to complete the audiophile grades of caps used in the output PCB board
  • Comes with either JJ or Electro-Harmonix (EH) 12AX7, probably the best starting brands for 12ax7 for their linearity and balanced sounds
  • Comes with metal tube shields for 12AX7 to slightly reduce RFI
  • Widely available Reisong Q6 is the normally the basic unit where there is only one 6Z4 rectifier tube in the rectifier board
  • QAQ6 is the unit where it is the factory advance set which includes 6V6 and 6J1 as part of the current stabilisation setup
  • Together with the 6Z4/6X4 rectifier tube, the rectifier board in QAQ6 is another tri-tube setup of ensuring the most optimal current is supplied to the 12AX7s
  • Stock units of Reisong Q6 does not get the ability to use 6X4 tube despite the socket being present because the lead of a resistor has to be resoldered
  • QAQ6 has performed the modification and made the option easy for users, where either one of 6Z4 or 6X4 can now be used
  • But 6Z4 in QAQ6 has managed to impress us a lot, that using 6Z4 is in fact perfectly fine
  • As the stock tubes included in the rectifier boards are purely Chinese tubes, both 6Z4 and 6V6 have both been upgraded with the ‘Russian Rockets’, Soviet-made Reflektor 6U4n-Eb and 6n6c respectively
  • The Reflektors increased the intensity of the bottom end while pushing the vocals more forward
  • The trusted GE JAN 5654W is used as an affordable upgrade over the stock Chinese 6J1. This tube also provides some sparkle of the midrange
  • The upgrade of these 3 tubes effectively smooths out the brash and harshness of the stock Chinese tubes
  • Large and heavy pots for the input selections and volume control on the front panel
  • There is an option to switch on the LED strip in front to light it up to either the colour of white or blue
  • Stock Q6 units came with very high gain, where hissing will be an issue in some sensitive setup, and volume cannot be cranked any higher after 8 o’clock mark
  • QA has implemented an internal attenuator (-21dB) at the output path, lowering the line level signal (which is still very good amplification gain)
  • This has allowed the volume pot to go higher towards 10 o’clock position with ease, dropping the noise floor further and improving on the signal-to-noise ratio
  • ClarityCaps CSA in place together with the various tubes upgrade at the rectifier board, the sound has opened to a very wide soundstage of immense imaging
  • Instrument placements has markedly improved with the different layerings of sounds which is now more prominent and evident. Vocals are very much alive with high clarity

This preamp has been tested and sounds even better with our Gotham Cable 85025 Audiophile Power Cord Sweet Midrange.



  • Frequency response: 19Hz-43kHz ± 0.5dB
  • Output voltage: 16.5V (Max)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: ≤ 0.2% (1kHz 5V)
  • Input sensitivity: 1000 mV
  • Signal to noise ratio: 95dB
  • Input impedance: 100K ohms
  • Output impedance: 1010 ohms (theoretical data after implementation of internal attenuator -21dB))
  • Tubes: 12AX7 (Either EH or JJ) x 3, Reflektor 6U4n-Eb x 1, Reflektor 6n6c x 1, GE JAN 5654W x 1
  • Dimension: 420W * 380D * 13.5H mm
  • Net weight: 8.5kg
  • Gross weight: 10.5kg
  • Input Power Voltage: AC100V – AC240V(60Hz/50Hz)


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