Nobsound NS-1800 4-inch 2-way Bookshelf Speakers (a pair)

S$ 174.9S$ 368.0

Price is for a pair!

  • Amazingly high value in Price/Performance ratio!
  • World-renown for its super affordability and great sound for the price
  • 2-way bookshelf speakers great for any usages
  • 1-inch silk dome tweeter and 4-inch woofer
  • Beautiful high gloss finish for the exterior, available in both black and red!
  • Easily driven by any amps, pairs great with Nobsound own MS-10D MKII Hybrid Tube Amp
  • Comes with speaker cables to connect to amp!
  • 1 year warranty from QA
  • Optimal delivery within 10 and 14 days for local and overseas shipping respectively after order


Nobsound is famous for their budget audiophile products. But sometimes being priced lower does not mean the product is inferior. When a certain level of materials, construction and performance exceed the acceptable price point these are warranted for, it surely is a worthy product. And in this case, Nobsound NS-1800 bookshelf speakers are one of it that checked the above.

Nobsound NS-1800 is a 2-way bookshelf speakers. It has a 1-inch silk dome tweeter for the higher frequencies and a 4-inch woofer for the mid and lower frequencies. The footprint of the speakers are not big, as expected from a 4-inch woofer. Hence they are very well suited for small rooms or on TV consoles as TV speakers. It definitely is one leap of improvement over the tiny sounds of most TV speakers! In small rooms, it also easily fills the room with sounds. This size is also suitable for use as computer speakers/monitors.

Realistically, from a 4-inch woofer, one would not expect the lower end notes to be a thumping bass. Nonetheless, the lower end presence of the frequencies is still adequate for most people with expectations set at the correct level. After all, for a speaker at this price, the musicality of this NS-1800 is already performing at a very high level, especially after ‘breaking-in’ over 30 hours. At a sensitivity of 85dB, it can easily pair it with any amps, tube or SS (or hybrid in the case of Nobsound own MS-10D MKII), and it will sing well!

On the cosmetic front, the brilliant high-gloss finish of NS-1800 is an eye-catcher! Available in both black and red colour, it oozes some class where ever it can be placed! Black is always an all-time classic, while red is a touch of elegance with playfulness in there!

Rear ported enclosure of the speakers mean the ideal placement of this speaker to sound at its best, especially the bottom end, is to place the speakers at least 1 metre away from the back.

Comes with speaker cables to connect to amp!


Power Handling: 10-60W
Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity: 85dB
Drivers: 1-inch silk dome tweeter, 4-inch woofer
Dimensions: (W) 130mm X (D) 170mm X (H) 215mm
Weight: 6 kg (gross)


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