QA-D1 MM-MC Phono Stage RIAA Turntable Preamplifier

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  • A versatile and quiet preamp for turntable.
  • Usable on both MM and MC cartridge with just a flick of switch inside the sturdy aluminum enclosure. (You can use MC output even on MM cartridge, it will raise the gain quite significantly so you can leave the amp volume to quite low if you desire this way)
  • Do not expect this to be small and light.
  • High quality components chosen.
  • Hand-built and assembled, modified and upgraded locally from Dual-referenced PCB.
  • Capacitors include Gold Tube Nichicon, BP Muse and WIMA.
  • Output with 2x audiophile opamps, the superb LME49720HA, to render the crisp imaging and superior soundstage. You can roll your favourite opamps to have the flavours you crave.
  • High quality RCA jacks from authentic CMC USA.
  • Pure copper binding post for ground allows insertion of banana plug ground wire.
  • Internal wirings hooked up with single-core solid Silver-plated Copper cable.
  • All soldering done with WBT 4% Silver content solder.
  • RIAA equalised.
  • Transformer-based PSU provides a noiseless and steady current.
  • USA-made Corcom EMI filter at the power input provides a steady, clean and regulated current.
  • Sleek front panel layout with just a blue-lit power button.
  • 1 year warranty from QA.
  • 14 days money-back guarantee,
  • Next day shipping with uParcel.
  • Back-order orders will take 12 days.

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Next on our assembled equipment is a MM-MC compatible RIAA equalised Phono Stage turntable preamplifier.

Adapting from the classic Dual circuit design, we have made upgrades to the capacitors, internal wirings and opamps to push the performance higher. On the aesthetic front, minimalist is the key as we opt for just a cooly-lit power button on the middle of the front panel positioned off-centre below. With the use of LME49702HA opamps, vastly different from the regular LME49720s, these opamps sound so huge in enveloping to bring analogue sound of vinyl more realism and enjoyment.

At the back of the machine we have solid CMC RCA jacks for the highest quality and best connections in this price point. We have even put in significant thought on the ground binding post. It was made from pure copper and not just any metallic binding post one will commonly see in most phono stage. Furthermore, it accepts banana jack plugged into it other than the conventional way of hooking onto it. This connection makes the grounding more secure and efficient, especially for those audiophiles who have higher end of grounding cables that utilise banana plugs.

On the power front is a US-made Corcom EMI filter-attached IEC jack as outlet. AC current fed into the preamplifier will first go through this filter to have a steadier and quieter current for the transformer. Keeping the noise level is always the order of the day for phono stages and this help in achieving that. Powered with a transformer-based PSU ensures the noise from the AC is kept to the minimal, resulting in a quieter background in the output.

Finally on the internals, significant capacitors upgrade were from Nichicon Gold Tune, BP Muse and WIMA. All these caps provide a high level of accuracy and resolution, further aided with silver-plated copper wires as internal wirings. The presence of the switch on the PCB allows user to switch the gain output according to the cartridge used as this phono stage is compatible with either a MM or MC cartridge. MM cart user can still use a MC setting to push the gain output level even higher just so if one would like to keep the power amp level minimal. Both settings are worth a try for MM cart users!

With a minimum burn-in period of 30-50 hours, the sound will settle down into a open and lush presence. Vocals retain the clarity yet with the warmth analogue sound. A darker background also allows higher level of details retrieval. It does not really add too much colouration into the sound as accuracy is more of the key factor of its performance.



Input impedance: 47 kOhm / 100 pF
Gain: 40 dB (MM), 60dB (MC)
Output voltage: 200 mV/1 kHz at 3 mV /1 kHz
THD: 0.002%
Dimension: 155*60*241 mm (W*H*D)
Weight: 2.2kg

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg

2 reviews for QA-D1 MM-MC Phono Stage RIAA Turntable Preamplifier

  1. Kamal

    Just got mine today after a few week of testing with a demo set. An all rounder phono stage, solidly built and weights like a brick. Item is assembled locally with carefully high quality parts and you can adjust the components to you listening preference. Wide soundstage, clear voice plus a touch of bass which is pleasing to the ears. You can pick up the little cymbal and hi-hat hits, treble and guitar pluck which seems separate at the same time blend together well. Overall very satisfied and loving it. The seller is super friendly too with in-depth knowledge of his craft.

  2. Jon Hu

    I just went back to LP play and was looking for a phono preamp. Having very good past buying experiences with Quartz Acoustic, it was an easy decision to place an order for this phono preamp. the attractive pricing also helps. On advice from Quartz Acoustic, i went for the option to upgrade the op amps to Muse 02s. No regrets at all.

    i listen to some Classical Music and imo, they are some of the most demanding on the playback system. the phono preamp was able to correctly collect the “data stream” from the cartridge and passed onto the preamp and power amp and subsequently the output from the speakers without adding or taking away data. Clarity, Vibrancy and Good Tonal Balance are all in the right place. And the most critical element in Classical Music, timing and pacing was SPOT ON. This is not easy feat and i have heard countless setups, struggling to do Classical Music, especially in the area of pace and timing. So this is a very strong testimony of how well designed and constructed is this phono preamp.

    I am extremely pleased with this phono preamp and would give a Strong Recommendation for those looking to buying a phono preamp. I think, you will be like me, having a grin on your face that cannot be wiped off, spinning LP after LP.

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