Sylvania 12AT7WA Military Gold Label Preamp Vacuum Tubes in Pairs

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  • Wonderful 12AT7 tube type from Sylvania!
  • Military spec version in 12AT7WA!
  • Wing-shaped greyplates, triple mica, square getter
  • Tested very strong
  • Prints are still in good condition
  • Brings good layering depth within the stereo imaging
  • Forward, pronounce vocal
  • Direct replacement for 12AT7 and ECC81
  • Sold in pair
  • Packaged in generic boxes
  • 1 month warranty from QA

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Bargain hunters delight!

Here is a pair of the wonder Sylvania 12AT7WA Gold Label preamp tube! 12AT7WA is a military version of the common 12AT7! For military usage, they are tough in their construction and also better spec’ed. Military specs of vacuum tubes are always a desired possessions for audiophiles and tube collectors!!

This pair of Sylvania 12AT7WA Gold Label is in very good conditions. Wing-shaped greyplates, triple mica and square getter. Physically, the prints and words on the tubes are still legible. On testing, they tested as very strong in their readings!

This series of Sylvania 12AT7WA Gold Label brings good layering depth within the stereo imaging and a forward, pronounce vocal.

Sylvania 12AT7WA Gold Labels are said to be diminishing in the global stock, and that may just push the prices higher in the future if that is true. Grab yours soon!

Direct replacement for 12AT7 and ECC81. Sold in pairs. Comes without original boxes, but in generic boxes.

Test Readings of Mutual Conductance, Gm, (in percentile)

  • #1 – 91%/103%
  • #2 – 85%/95%

Read here to find out how we do our testing of tubes and the truths of balance/matched tubes.

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Note: unless specifically mentioned, we do not label our out-of-production tubes as NOS (New Old Stocks), a term so commonly branded in many tubes seller. There can almost never be any guarantee these out-of-production tubes are NOS; they were mostly made in the middle of 20th century!! Who tells the tale that they are still new?? No doubt there will still be, but the changes of hands of all these stocks made this verification too difficult. To us, tubes can test excellent or test like new, but we call them all vintage tubes.


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