Yaqin MS-23B RIAA 12AX7 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp

S$ 267.0S$ 385.0

Top up $106 (worth $118) to get a pair of JJ ECC803S Gold pins tubes (with warranty)!

  • Local dealer for Yaqin
  • Solid build with mirror finish
  • Driven by a pair of high gain 12AX7
  • Options to tube-rolling available for different sound flavours
  • High quality RCA ports
  • Present of grounding post to connect to turntable with ground connector
  • RIAA equaliser standard
  • Local UK 3-pin plug
  • 1 year warranty from QA
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As the Yaqin dealer in Singapore, we are glad to bring in another popular amp from them, the MS-23B Vacuum Tube Phono preamp! Get the sweet sound out of your turntables at a sweet price and bundle!

As always, build with strong aluminum enclosure, a mark of great workmanship from Yaqin shown again. Cover for the output transformer is made with mirror finish to present the sleek facade.

Use specifically as a phono stage preamp, it has the RIAA equaliser built-in; a mandatory specification of any phono stage preamp. High quality RCA ports and grounding post are sure to ground any possible hums to the lowest.

Driven with a pair of 12AX7 tubes, the sound from this little preamp is definitely beastly to be fed to any power amp. The wide options to roll the tubes to your desired sound signature just makes this preamp a versatile set to complement any combination of turntables and power amps!

Top up $106 (worth $118) to get a pair of JJ ECC803S Gold pins tubes (with warranty)!! These are one the finest new production 12AX7 tubes available that are said to be producing the legendary Telefunken sounds!! This combo is easily one of the best-sounding and well-liked phono preamp for a tube-base output setup.


Output voltage: 500mV (1kHz)
Input sensitivity: 4mV (1kHz)
THD: ≤ 0.11% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: RIAA standard
SNR: ≥ 85dB (A)
Tube configuration: 12AX7 × 2
Cartridge compatibility: MM
Dimensions: (W) 200mm X (D) 170mm X (H) 125mm
Weight: 4 kg (gross)

Package Contents:

• Yaqin MS-23B
• 2x Shuguang 12AX7 driver tubes
• Metal caps and aluminum cage
• UK/SG-standard AC power cord
• Spare fuses
• RCA jack caps
• Instruction manual (in English)


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