Using Shopback with Shopee to get the most discounts

ICYMI, our products can be bought over at Shopee in addition to our online store here or Carousell.

Buying at Shopee is a fast and convenient way of doing shopping online. The navigation is an ease to manoeuver around and checkout is swift. We are always encouraging our customers to checkout at Shopee just to take advantage of the ongoing and lasting promo by paying with a DBS credit/debit card! Now, that is not all!

It is always a pleasure to notify our customers of promotions and discounts. While it is not a big secret, but still, it is worth a post to introduce more value to your purchases at Shopee by combining with Shopback!

Shopback gives you cash rebates back by shopping through their partners. Purchases made in qualifying merchant sites, in this case Shopee, will be captured and recorded. The amount of cashback differs from stores to stores, and the respective successful amounts will be stored, normally for an average of 2 months plus. After that period has passed, the amount in your account will be allowed to cash out to your registered bank account within a few days! It never hurts to get more rebates off your purchases yeah?!

Do head over to Shopback to register your account if you have not already done so. And check out the specific instructions for your shopping at Shopee to get the rebates successfully!


Buying Weiduka AC 8.8 Filter and Conditioner, S$115.90

Paying with DBS cards saves S$7 for new Shopee customer, and S$5 for existing Shopee customer.

With Shopback, there is a further S$10 cashback (10% capped at S$10) for new Shopee customer, and $4 cashback (4% capped at S$4) for exisiting Shopee customer.

Total savings:
New Shopee customer: S$17
Existing Shopee customer: S$9

Happy shopping!

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