Having quality and high-performing products as our offerings are always part of our mission. As part of our value-adding practice, you can see that on certain products we offer modification upgrades to components in both internals and exteriors of certain products to push their performances even higher.

Stock components can never make it in this perfection-chasing hobby/past time/profession, whatever you called it. Mass production of components and parts for OEM / Manufacturers allows them to fabricate equipment and gears at large volume, resulting in the possibility of bringing the cost down even further. While we can be assured of the quality control of these products (most of the time), their capabilities could only be maxed at that level without paying for a premium to achieve the next step of performance. By tuning specific parts of these product and upgrade them to an elevated quality of components, we can level them up rather significantly.

These components we are talking about can range from simple drop-in upgrades like opamps replacement to a whole change of the internals in the form of material wirings, capacitors re-capping and upscaled component substitutions/additions.  

For QA, there is no snake oil or placebo on these deemed ‘insignificant’ upgrades some doubters are having; we have done enough experiments to be sure that, say, different capacitors DO sound differently, to as much as a 20-35% positive change in sound. This percentage change is almost akin to a substantial upgrade to higher end series of tubes or opamps.

With our components modification upgrades, not only will customers be assured of meaningful improvements over stock products, they can also be assured our products will be uniquely-QA, fully packaged functioning in a set to the interest of our customers.

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