Check out and Pay with PayPal for SPECIAL OFFER up to S$400!

We have finally added PayPal as one of our payment methods after seeing quite a rise in requests for it, especially from our overseas customers. As such, QA is really happy the integration of PayPal checkout is live and ready!

Towards the end of the year is when sales are happening everywhere. It is really a rewarding period for consumers this time round for offers and promotions to land the best deals. Those who are familiar with QA know that we hardly do any promotions because many of our products are very unique and customised. The prices upheld is to our quality being maintained and consistent work to all our products.

However, here is quite a breakthrough – we will be running a whole month of promotions! This will cover mainly for the Muzishare flagship tube amps as well as some of our newly listed in-house products. The QA Triple Aces Supreme Ground Box, QA LATL 8 inch Lii Audio full range speakers and QAV Volumio I2S Streamer and DAC are 3 products we have proudly conceptualised over this year and became a reality that stood to the positivity of customers who have heard them. Perhaps they are not the usual branded names one have heard to give them a serious consideration, yet. However, The QA Triple Aces and QAV are improvements over existing popular-selling products, so we are confident it will soon be their turn to shine, and what could be better to break the ice of acceptance other than a promotion to give customers more incentives to purchase.

Another really important reason this promotion decides to go ahead is also because the increment of our Singapore’s GST is set to raise 1% for the coming 2023 to 8%. QA has always tried to announce any potential price hikes early, so customers can be prepared in making any plans to make purchases can do so before that – the savings is significant. So while it is inevitable another a price hike will soon come in 2023 February (we are absorbing, as usual, a month of it to cushion the impact for customers), we thought we might as well round it off a good year with further discounts to save more first for the joy of the customers!

So act fast, do not wait and consider any more if you have been deciding for a while now, there is probably no better time than now. The earlier you order, the faster your item can arrive without the build up of a queue, which can happen from factory, to logistic, and to us as we build and assemble certain items. SALEs start NOW to 12 December 2022!

Eligible items on SALEs: Muzishare X7, X9 and R100, QA Triple Aces Supreme Ground Box, QAV Volumio I2S Streamer & DAC, QA LATL 8 Full-range Speakers and ALL Star Series Cables

Cart must contain ONLY eligible items for discounts to apply. Discounts will be applied automatically. Select PayPal as the payment option.

Customers not familiar with PayPal or not applicable to pay with cards can contact us for offline orders with PayNow payment option.