35% lower in Worldwide Shipping Rates for ALL Muzishare Amps with FREE Aucharm Fuse!

In order to further expand the reach of Muzishare tube amps to wider parts of the world, for they are more deserving to be enjoyed by more of the audiophile community, QA has managed to seek out lower worldwide shipping rates by DHL/FedEx up to 35%* cheaper! In some instances, these savings could be as much as close to S$500!

For those who have previously enquired but are held back by the higher shipping cost, we hope you can find comfort in knowing the substantial amount of savings you can have now. Feel free to chat with us again to get an updated shipping fee now!

Do note that the warranty covers the unit, but not the shipping service – insurance from DHL/FedEx will cover that. Although 1-year warranty for all Muzishare tube amps is valid and covered by QA Singapore no matter where the region it was purchased from, customers will still need to bear any shipping fees if it was decided for the unit to be sent to Singapore for support coverage as well as for any subsequent return sending back to customers.

To sweeten the deal further, any purchase of our X7, X9 or R100 amps will include 1x popular Aucharm highest performing audiophile fuse for FREE! If you are going to be amazed by the stock models of our Muzishare tube amps, you will be in awe how spectacular the upgrade to Gustard fuse is going to be. It is easily one of the worthwhile and excellent performance upgrades one could do to push the potential of these tube amps.

Enquire now! Email or WhatsApp us.

*This savings rate will remain for as long as until further adjustment from logistics.

Do not worry about the voltage difference. The units can be used in either 220-240V or 110-120V covering most regions. We will set it for you so there is no need to do that on your part.