Our journey

It was then a part-time sideline to satisfy the ever-growing interest in audiophile myself. Who knows serving the customers of this sideline can be an even growing satisfaction?

While there was a year and a half break in between this period to serve a greater need in my main job as a Photographer, QA was well-rested in the same duration, always having the intention to come back when a time can be right.

A couple of months back QA was relaunched with the entire makeover of the brand and website, with internet security high on the list of priorities. SSL was thus introduced site-wide. But more importantly, payment gateway is processed on the side of Stripe, offering even more protection to customers’ credit credentials. These infrastructures serve as a crucial foundation to build upon the trust of customers.

Yes, these are signs of growth and QA aims to grow. For those who follows QA close enough, the stop-gap period when these new infrastructures are being implemented after the break, QA was engaging in the buying service of products from Taobao. It was a great platform tapping into consumers’ interest in the growing market at Taobao. The availability of choices and options given to consumers were immense. Too immense, though, that QA was not able to leverage on a focus group of products as well as the target audience.

Vacuum tubes. I got to bring that essence of personal belief back in. The glowing beauty of these hot glass bulbs caught my eyes and love the very first time I saw them personally. They were a marvel in decades before, and they are still a marvel now. A vintage product in the ever technology-exploding field of audio definitely should have its place now, at least in Singapore, like how the turntables are turning tables.

Too many great Audiophile products are our there in the world with superb potential yet to be discovered by a larger group of consumers, and they often lack the outlet to get hold of as well. QA is turning towards to be a source for products well curated that can make a difference to audiophiles’ experience. You will find audio tubes and tube amps high in our emphasis as that is what I want to be when QA is being thought of.

Inventory is slowly but constantly growing. Providing of warranty support is our beliefs on the quality of products we carry. Competition is inevitable, but we know we have more than what figures can be counted for.

It is an evolution of how QA has become, but now is still the beginning of what QA can become. Newsletter subscription is not in QA’s current plan, so do follow us on the various social media to keep up to date what we are busy at in giving you more performance and value for all the music we love!

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