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  • QA LATL 8 Full-range True-to-life Vocal Hifi Transmission-Line Speakers with Lii Audio 8 inch Crystal 8 Driver

    • Built from the ground up, one of few increasingly products QA self-produced, self-designed and self-assembled
    • In becoming Lii Audio dealer, QA has handpicked the Crystal 8-inch, their audiophile level of full range drivers, in the conceptualising of LATL 8
    • Lii Audio is an industrial-recognised manufacturer of high-end speaker drivers heralding from Hang Zhou of China
    • Lii Audio has no affiliation with Lii Song as QA stands by the source and authenticity of Lii Audio speaker drivers
    • Calculated front reflex port – speakers can be placed right up to the wall even just at 10cm and not suffer any muddied lows
    • At over 120 litres of volume and a dedicated transmission-line speaker cabinet designed by QA proprietary, the bass has muscles unheard of in most single-driver full range
    • Cabinet is constructed from Russian Birch plywood at 18mm thickness, not stiff a wood that can sterilise the sound, but strong enough to hold up the whole weight without warping
    • Professional craftsmanship of the cabinet with dovetail joints and highly-precise alignment of panels on all side
    • Sanded down with an absolutely smooth finish and sealed from moisture and splashes
    • Speaker grilles are magnetic, keeping the front panel clean and sleek
    • Internally hooked up with high-purity copper of Gotham speaker cables, soldered to solid and build-to-last with excellent gold-plating of CMC binding posts, mounted flushed with aluminum mounting plate
    • 4 rubber feet for each speaker will be provided, with 3 to be installed by default
    • Need minimally 300 hours, ideally over 500 hours, of breaking in for sound to open up
    • Can be easily driven by any amps with its high sensitivity of 92.5dB, but best pairing is with 300B tube amps
    • Vocals are realistically rendered in true-to-life imaging in the space between the speakers
    • Fluidity and organic nature of sound from LATL 8 can engulf listeners with soothing pleasure, with ease, with sweetness and be smitten with the decay of voices and strings
    • When low bass note hits, one can feel the transience quickly on the chest below the throat, tight and clean
    • Build to order with a minimal lead-time of 5 weeks
    • FREE shipping in Singapore
    • Comes with 3 years warranty
    • 🔊 Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804
    S$ 2,980.0
  • Anubis LS3/5A 2-way Speakers Remake Model with Upgraded Clarity CSA Caps Super Creamy and Forward Vocals

    • Anubis is one of the latest entrants to produce a remake of LS3/5A, but also one of the most noteworthy ones to date in terms of quality construction and individual partake of simplicity without following for the sake of following
    • In-house implementation of a straight-forward but effective crossover that enables bi-amping and upgrade of capacitors
    • Upgraded with ClarityCap CSA, the sound has raised another level of resolution and realism
    • Sealed-box design, their placement is not fussy and easily fill a medium-size room with clarity and authority
    • On most vocal and jazz genres of music, Anubis LS3/5A has managed to still present deep undertones to fill the mid-bass with presence to fill a full and smooth lower midrange
    • The natural decay of sound tailing off, in the case of voices as well, enables one to listen to these speakers for long hours
    • Low-power tube amps like the 300B accentuates the delicacy of voices and can be an ideal pairing if most of the music genres one listened to are majority vocals
    • EL34 tube amp will be a soothing and warm pairing, while a KT88 or even SET tubes like 845/805 will really give the Anubis LS3/5A the added power for the dynamics to flow in addition to a strong midrange performance
    • Our listening setup of powering the speakers with both Muzishare X7 (KT88) and R100 (805), they deliver an astonishing value and performance when you consider both sets can be had at a price equivalent to just a pair of new original LS3/5A!
    • ClarityCap CSA was chosen for this brand is what we have worked before in other projects that have given us great confidence and sound without costing so much
    • Other audiophile caps can be requested as a customisation package
    • Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804.
    • 1-year official dealer warranty from QA
    S$ 1,150.0