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  • QA Phono Stage, OEM Modified and Upgraded – FET Vinyl Turntable Preamplifier Class A Circuit usable on MM/MC Cart

    • Improved Harmonics, Low Noise, Layered Presentation
    • New and improved line of preamp for vinyl users
    • High-performance bang-for-buck
    • OEM Modified and Upgraded, clearly better than stock
    • Replaced with a gold-plated binding post which now enables a banana plug fitting
    • Existing stock caps are upgraded with audiophile film capacitors from Miflex and Audience Auricap
    • Crispiness of the sound from Miflex and the lush openness of Auricap complimented remarkably well
    • Use of FETs as opposed to opamps give a very musical and clean sound signature
    • FETs can possess traits of tube in warmth, while still adding on to a livelier presentation, improving the PRaT
    • Further increases in performance on feeding in with linear power supply at 16V 1A
    • Both MM and MC cart usable. Default cartridge loading impedance of 47k ohm and 470 ohm respectively
    • Cartridge loading impedance can be customised accordingly, just let us know on order
    • Made to order in 12-14 days. Lend-to-try at S$50 (fully-refundable deposit) for 2 days
    • 1-year warranty from QA
    S$ 350.0