Detailed run down of QA Triple Aces Supreme Audio Ground Box

QA Premium Grounding Box has been consistently our top seller product with highly favourable and positive reviews. For those who have taken the stride and became a believer in how our fully-handmade-in-Singapore audio ground boxes have improved your hifi audio system, QA has boundless appreciation for those beliefs.

QA Quad Size+ was made to congregate 4 groundings into one single place. While it was not really an upgrade, it was logically a next step up to provide as an option for customers. So, building on to the success of having the knowledge in ground box craftsmanship and also various positive impressions from countless happy customers, we know there is definitely potential for improvement in capability, quality and compatibility for an even higher tier of ground box which it can never be out of place sitting beside or behind any high-end system further bettering their quality.

Above: a passive and simple item in hifi audio, but the construction is a huge and meticulous job. It’s use is simply to improve the quality of the sound by connecting to any ground of a component

The proprietary mix of the mineral content inside our successful ground box has never been disclosed, as per most other ground boxes makers. Sceptical customers we have come across tend to believe inside are purely dirt. If it can really be as simple, we would have preferred brick, as least the construction of the ground box would have been less messy! But trust us when we say the content are more than dirt, because with QA Triple Aces, the total number of ingredients involved in the mix has been increased over a third more than the usual ground box to over a dozen of different components.

What was exceptionally worthy of QA Triple Aces was due to the addition of three more ingredients in the powdered form of important metals in audio conductivity in substantial amounts into the proprietary mix. Gold, silver and copper are arguably the three most used metals in audio application. Hence there is no doubt the involvement of these metals in the mix could have been more beneficial, and our prototype has proven that absolutely right. Pure copper sheets and pure silver filaments are already used within the box environment, the addition of these metals in fine 4N purity further enhances the entire conductivity nature in the whole mixture.

Both silver and gold are precious metals, and by that definition, the cost of adding them into the construction of QA Triple Aces is one of the reasons why it costs so much higher than our first ground box. If we are honest, the amount of pure fine 4N silver powder alone added in QA Triple Aces is already close to the cost of 3 QA Premium Ground Boxes. We could not add pure fine gold powder into the mix because it would elevate the construction cost so much that it truly would not be sensible and cost-effective anymore for anyone to buy.

The third pure metal powder was something which we have not mentioned because we chose not to and shall reserve that right of proprietary standards. QA seeks your understanding on this. That was truly an interesting element in our prototype and to say it does not perform as much as silver and copper in conductivity is an understatement. These three pure metal inclusions into QA Triple Aces truly excel in the performance of QA proprietary ground box mix that in the right proportions, the improvement to sound when connected is now literally immediate and apparent. Perhaps by now you should have guessed it – that these three crucial additions of metals mix are what give rise to the name of this box, as they absolutely ace the performance as a ground box.

Customers who wanted a small footprint as the cube shape QA Premium Ground Box may ask if this proportion mix can be used there instead, so as to save cost. Yes and no. Before we address this, let us first go through the choice of the box we have chosen for QA Triple Aces. The gorgeous Black Walnut box was a meticulous construction, not by us but from a supplier, with dovetail joints. It has thicker walls than that of the usual ground box. Already a much stronger wood, Black Walnut has totally no problem withstanding a total of about 6kg load of content, making it 3 times the volume of the QA Premium Ground Box at a smaller footprint than 3 individually stacked. Importantly, Black Walnut also simply oozes class and style in its finishes. Smooth, unassuming, classy and endless. The colour and grain of the wood complement perfectly with the little golden finishes we have the rest of the designs in mind around the box.

So back to the question of using the same mix in smaller cube-shape box. Effectively, 1x QA Triple Aces is three times the volume of QA Premium Ground Box. Dividing the QA Triple Aces mix into one cube shape box of QA Premium is basically lessening the effectiveness without decreasing much of the cost. In the end, one may face the circumstances of stacking 2 or more cubes to get the same effect, which we are quite sure stacking 3 cubes of the same mix would not be as effective as one QA Triple Aces because of the additional ground leads connecting to one another only introduce more noise as a result.

Already having a higher value and improved conductivity mix inside the box, it can only go to naught if the binding post is not up to standard in similar conductivity for the connection lead. CMC gives not only the highest quality of copper conductivity and construction, it is also one of the best looking and superbly built binding post for its price. The availability of a longer screw allows a further reach into the mix together with the 4N pure silver filaments. Beautiful shine from the high quality gold-plating aid on the conductivity as well as upholding the grandeur finished of QA Triple Aces.

Above: beautiful finish of the black walnut box with no glue stains complements superbly with the high quality CMC binding post

Provided in the package are 4 excellent quality red sandalwood spikes tipped with copper. It is up to the users to use three or four spikes according to one’s preference. QA recommends three spikes as it ensures perfect seating of the box (think of it like a tripod) as four spikes may wobble in some cases. Regardless of either three or four, the spikes stablises the ground box and isolate it further from other possible vibration, and the result of it an amazing cleanliness in the lower frequency. The red sandalwood material harmonises with the Black Walnut for a unified look.

Above: matching quality and finishes of the spikes for inmproved stabilisation of the QA Triple Aces which further enhances the sound

Grounding cable for QA Triple Aces has been significantly upgraded in both the core of the cable as well as the connectors to fully match up with the feat of the box. The grounding cable used in QA Premium Ground Box was effective and compatible, but it just was not the case when used with QA Triple Aces. The quality of the cable is no match to the improved Triple Aces but only bottlenecking its performance. Building from the ground up, gathered with the experience we had in building solid core speaker cables, the triple aces of the metals involved in the ground box mix are similarly used in this grounding cable before the potential of Triple Aces is fully realised and optimised.

Again, we continue the trend of using 4N purity of silver and copper for the grounding cable. Both in their single cores, they are twisted, sheathed in cotton, and insulated with adhesive heat shrinks before sleeved with cotton-PET sleeving (this similar construction was used in our single-core speaker cable we used to do). Again, the last single core of the triple aces is also the same third metal used in the mix which we could say no further. This consistency of materials ensures that these triple aces of metals components are fully optimized from start to finish in the entire audio grounding chain to a whole effect within the environment mix inside the usage of QA Triple Aces Supreme Ground Box.

Above: the grounding cable included with QA Triple Aces has to be in the same level of build and component purity for matching performance

To terminate the ground cable with equal capability and quality of the pure triple aces of single core, QA was very impressed with the quality offered by Puresonic in the quality of their spades, bananas and RCA connectors. Made in Taiwan with superior QC, the grade of metal and plating in their plugs have been superbly high, which they are no stranger to, because Puresonic has been in the OEM business for over two decades making high end connectors for some renown brands. The gold-plating on the spade and BFA banana is almost as good as the WBTs and Furutechs we have seen, with little intricate details of tech in their designs. For example, the spade was built with a wedge of gap, giving it a spring effect upon locking to provide the counterforce for improved grip. BFA banana can get smaller overtime as it compresses and loosen the grip inside the binding post. The one from Puresonic has a smaller rod inside that prevents this problem. Despite a higher cost, just like the addition of pure metal powder, the inclusion of such quality is a necessity to maintain the overall performance level. We have absolutely no qualms, as in the same for CMC binding post, that they are able to provide the best transmission of grounding pathways from whichever equipment to QA Triple Aces grounding box for the best grounding effect.

The cable is finished with a cotton-PTE sleeve which we used similarly in our TOTL cable offerings in Star Series. It gives a tougher handling of the cable while still maintain the flexibility. As with our ethos, most, if not all, of our products look good and sounds better. The whole construction of the ground cable by hand matches up to the performance of the QA Triple Aces together with the looks. As the grounding post on the box can be either red of black, the accompanying outer sleeve of the grounding cable will sport the same colour as a compatible match. Regardless of the colour, either one will seat proudly and classy in any set up.

Above: Puresonic’s over two decades of OEM experience shows, as can be seen by the grade of the copper and plating in their spades, bananas and RCAs, all very tough

We understand perfectly many audiophiles still have reservation over the practicality of such components in their system, especially for those who are more than satisfied with their setup, thinking the high-end nature of it would require no part of such passive items as the sound may well be impossible to be improved further. It is perfectly okay to hold that opinion and QA do not wish to change any of it. What we can say is that ground boxes from QA make a difference to the sound, and as with most people who have experienced it, the difference is a very positive one. The fun thing is for each and everyone to discover how the sound is better, and which components are making the best positive difference by connecting our ground boxes to them. By being more natural, more organic, calmer in presentation, darker background and tighter bass – these are the most common improvements. With QA Triple Aces connected, the varying degree of subtlety will and should be replaced with apparent notions – that is the biggest and most significant upgrade QA Triple Aces is over the original ground box. Any system is not too perfect to not be effected with an even cleaner sound, bigger staging, improved timings and more defined tonality. Take the guesswork out, QA Triple Aces is there with a definite result.

Come with 3 years warranty. Lead time for construction 3-4 weeks.

Flat rate shipping to most overseas countries at S$99 with FedEx or DHL. Contact us for confirmation. Additional fees apply for more than one box.

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