QA Triple Aces Supreme Audio Ground Box with 4N Purity Triple Metal Solid Core Grounding Cable

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  • Read more here for the detail run down of the process to the beginning and production of the QA Triple Aces
  • A small thread in The Audio Standard discussing our Triple Aces:
  • Made with significant step ups in all areas from our best selller original ground box
  • More than a dozen of ingredients, over a third more than original QA Premium Ground Box
  • The addition of 3 types of fine metal powder in 4N purity give rise to the name of this box
  • Pure silver powder is one crucial component of the three, with pure copper being the other
  • Thick walls of black walnut box houses the 6kg worth of content with super strength while the smooth finish and beautiful grain oozes class
  • Authentic CMC binding post with high-quality gold plating provides great conductivity from the grounding cable to the interior mix
  • Includes 1x 50cm grounding cable constructed from scratch, fully hand-made by QA as well, with pure 4N silver and copper single core twisted with a 3rd metal core, as per the internal mix, QA could not disclose
  • Sheathed with cotton, wrapped with heat shrink before being sleeved with cotton-PET sleeve, the grounding cable is terminated on the ends from Puresonic
  • Excellent tech and make of Puresonic connectors resulted in a high-end and proprietary-designed grounding cable that is a perfect match to the Triple Aces as far as the three metals are consistently present
  • Default configuration of the grounding cable is spade to banana. Available to choose among banana, spades or RCA
  • Inclusion of 4x precisely-machined spikes tipped with copper provides sturdy stabilisation and isolation free from unwanted vibration on surface Triple Aces is seated on
  • Golden brass tag of QA branding on top of the box is the seal of authenticity and touch of professionalism
  • For users who have used QA Premium Ground Box before, QA Triple Aces will be significantly a marked improvement with more immediate and obvious discerned
  • Most ideal for those who are open to and appreciative of passive and actually working components in audio chain
  • No system is too perfect to not be effected with an even cleaner sound, bigger staging, improved timings and crispier tonality
  • There is no guesswork with QA Triple Aces – one can find out how different it can make to the various component in an audio system
  • Come with 3 years warranty. Lead time for construction 3-4 weeks
  • Flat rate shipping to most overseas countries at S$99/box with FedEx or DHL. Contact us for confirmation. Additional fees apply for more than one box.


A small thread in The Audio Standard discussing our Triple Aces:

QA Triple Aces is a Supreme Grounding Box built to further improve what the QA Premium Ground Box can do better, in terms of effectiveness, efficiency compatibility with even higher-end system, as well as stylistically.

The principle working of our ground box still stays, and you can read it here in the Whys and Hows when we first introduced our QA Premium Ground Box which went on to become our best seller. Here is also a detail run down of the process to the beginning and production of the QA Triple Aces.

Fundamentally at its core, QA Triple Aces has added three more ingredients in the powdered form of important metals in audio conductivity in substantial amount into the proprietary mix that makes QA grounding box so successful and well-received. Of the three metals, one is from the precious metal group, Silver, and one from the all-important metal used in all audio-related equipment, Copper. Seeking all understandings, we are not able to divulge the third one to reserve the right of proprietary standards. The involvement of these three metal components inside the mix with the right proportion elevates the immediate and obvious improvement of the box, significantly. And by now you should have guessed it – that these three crucial additions of metals mix are what give rise to the name of this box.

On the exterior, QA has chosen the use of Black Walnut for the material of the box due to the incredible hardness and strength of the wood. QA Triple Aces could not be more appropriate for the name as the box volume is also three times the size of the QA Premium Ground Box in cubic shape. Thus the wood has to be strong enough to withstand the volume of almost 6kg worth of minerals it contains. Importantly, Black Walnut also simply oozes class and style in its finishes. Smooth, unassuming, classy and endless. The colour and grain of the wood complement perfectly with the little golden finishes around.

First of the gold one can see would be the higher quality binding post used here in Triple Aces over than the QA Premium Ground Box or the Quad Size+. From authentic CMC, it combines superb finishing with quality not many other binding posts can offer without adding an even higher cost to the production. QA has been using CMC as the standard option for all things speaker connection because of the beautiful and faithful sound reproduction as a result of its high copper and gold plating quality. It makes perfect sense to continue with this trend for QA Triple Aces.

Grounding cable for QA Triple Aces has been significantly upgraded in both the core of the cable as well as the connectors to fully match up with the feat of the box. Building from the ground up, gathered with the experience we had in building solid core speaker cables, the triple aces of the metals involved in the ground box mix are similarly used in this grounding cable.

4N pure Silver and 4N pure Copper, both in their single core are twisted, sheathed in cotton, and insulated with adhesive heat shrinks before sleeved with cotton-PET sleeving (similarly used in our highest end offering of cables in the Star Series). Again, the last single core of the triple aces is also the same third metal used in the mix which we could say no further. This consistency of materials ensures that these triple aces of metals components are fully optimized to a whole effect within the environment mix inside the usage of QA Triple Aces Supreme Ground Box.

At the connector front, we went a step further beyond CMC for their trusted spade and banana and chose Puresonic ones instead. Made in Taiwan with superior QC, the grade of metal and plating in their plugs have been superbly high, as can be seen from the photos. We have absolutely no qualms, as in the same for CMC binding post, that they are able to provide the best transmission of grounding pathways from whichever equipment is connected to QA Triple Aces grounding box for the best grounding effect.

As with our ethos, most, if not all, of our products look good and sounds better. The whole construction of the ground cable by hand matches up to the performance of the QA Triple Aces together with the looks. As the grounding post on the box can be either red or black, the red and black outer sleeve of the grounding cable will still sport a compatible match – either one will seat proudly and classy in any set-up.

Users of our ground box have all been very positive on the effects of the sounds. From being more natural and organic to a higher transparency of their systems, we can all agree to one thing – QA ground box works. Add in the immediate and obvious to the above, this is what the impressions to the connection of QA Triple Aces give. Any system is not too perfect to not be effected with an even cleaner sound, bigger staging, improved timings and crispier tonality. Take the guesswork out, QA Triple Aces is there with a definite result.

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