QA Premium Audio Ground Box Quad Size+ with 4x 1m Cable Selectable

S$ 680.0

  • 4 individually isolated grounding in one big box.
  • Fully developed and assembled in Singapore, in-house branded audio grounding box.
  • Each grounding portion is 5-7% more in content than one original QA Premium Audio Ground Box.
  • Can be conveniently placed on hifi rack without being out of place,
  • Uses a vast selection of mineral mix in various granular sizes, all natural minerals.
  • High quality bill of materials include pure copper sheet and 4N purity Silver wires.
  • Perfectly doubled sealed.
  • Superb quality binding post for connection.
  • Effective against micro level of ground hum, signal noise, and interferences from RFI/EMI at multiple points of an audio setup.
  • Positive effect can already be quite immediately evident straight on first use.
  • Improved background transparency, one can expect a cleaner and faster bass.
  • Better spaciousness from the sense of air, gives vocal music an added touch of intimacy.
  • 4x 1m thick silver-plated copper cables included, with your choice of termination to choose from banana, spade and RCA!
  • Over 9kg per box.
  • 31.6 x 18.2 x 12.9 cm (W*D*H)
  • Made to order in 12 days.
  • 1 year warranty from QA.


Building on the popularity of the QA Premium Audio Ground Box, we have launched one that is now an improvement in the ergonomic and handling of multiple ground boxes as one – the Quad Size+.

Nothing will be unfamiliar to users of our ground box, as everything is about simplicity and effectiveness. As the name suggests, Quad Size+ is a box that contains 4 individual grounding portions in one big box.

The main advantage of this box is the ability to have up to 4 different devices to a single point of placement in connection. This box can be placed on hifi rack without being out of place, providing sonic improvement to noise grounding for rest of the equipment within easy reach.

As per the original ground box, the Quad Size+ can be placed in any way one deemed fit, providing a flexibility to accommodate all sorts of space.

Production of the box follows the same principle as the original ground box, from materials to sizing to construction. Because of having a much greater amount of materials in total which will contribute to the overall weight, bamboo is used as a more suitable box to sustain the weight due to its stronger nature. Double sealing of the overall content ensures the minerals contents within will not leak out. Additional efforts are made to ensure each individual grounding is isolated from one another as well as having the most optimal contact of mineral contents within each individual grounding.

Most importantly, Quad Size+ is not a just box that contains exactly 4x of the original boxes in one. In fact, each grounding portion is 5-7% more of content than one original grounding box. Bigger volume means more copper sheets and 4N pure silver inside. So basically one Quad Size+ is essentially bigger than four individual original grounding box. That is why the weight of a Quad Size+ stands at more than 9kg.

A centralised placement of all grounding to the different equipment will mean the grounding box may no longer be placed close to certain equipment. To facilitate that, 1m cables are provided instead of the usual 50cm cable given in the original box. We are also providing the flexibility to allow customers to choose which termination to have in the 4x 1m cables, from the choices of banana, spade and RCA. This will enable users to connect the Quad Size+ to their equipment with three of the most absolute and common connections without having to spend additional money.

The rest of follows the original QA Premium Audio Ground Box listing in terms of details here, and principles of usages here.


  • There are tiny holes on the box itself because the box used originally was with hinges which were removed. We tried our best to fill up the holes and coloured them to make them looked the least obvious we can.
  • The binding post colour may either be all red or white – this cannot be chosen.
  • The heat shrink on the cables may either be all red or white – this cannot be chosen.


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