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  • Supply a consistent and clean DC signal for equipment
  • Equipment can very much benefit from such clean current
  • Darker background and defined details, with enhanced soundstage can be expected
  • Uses high-grade 120-watt torodial transformer – effective, low noise, low magnetic interference
  • Stepped down voltage pass through series of capacitors and an inductor coil for noise filtering
  • Regulated voltage at the end point adjustable with the trimmer potentiometer
  • Comes with 2x GX16 connector as the output jack
  • Single voltage for normal model, dual voltage on upgraded model
  • Can pre-set voltage(s) according to your needs
  • Comes with 1x generic DC cable and 1x UK power cord
  • Dimensions: 13.5 * 25 * 6cm (W*D*H)
  • Weight: 2.5kg


DC input has always been a norm in many audiophile devices. While these devices normally use a basic switching power adapter which can power them just fine, ripple effects and noisy, tiny transformers from these poor or ineffective transformers inside these small and sometimes light adapters seldom provide a DC signal clean enough.

A clean DC signal is paramount to great sound. Period. There are so much efforts paid to the AC power in the form of conditioner and thick, shielded cables – all with the aim of providing the best form of AC signal for power. The same has to be said and done with DC, which was often left out in the consideration of many.

One of the best DC output actually comes from Li-ion batteries because of the consistent and steady output voltage, free from much of the noise of electronics. But the hassle to recharge them makes it unpractical for them to be used in home audio and hifi. It can get dangerous as well if poorly managed.

A linear power supply (LPS) is one equipment which will do the same job as the Li-ion batteries without the need to recharge, as it is fed through AC input, and still providing constant and steady required voltage.

At its core is a huge 120-watt toroidal transformer for stepping down the 220-240v AC voltage to more manageable voltages for regulating at later stage. A heavy and well-wound toroidal transformer has many advantages of converting voltages down, and mainly the few of them are effectiveness, low noise, and low (or none) magnetic field created that may cause unwanted interference.

The lower stepped down voltages will then pass through the arrays of capacitors and an inductor for noise filtering. It is then regulated at the end where user can customise the output by adjusting the trimmer potentiometer with a multimeter read between the outputs at the end terminals.

The unit comes with two outputs, both utilising the coming-to-popularity GX-16 connectors. With a screw-on feature, it ensures cables plugged on are securely fastened.

The normal model comes with a single voltage on both of the outputs. Another feature of this model is the ability of upgrading the unit to have two separate voltage readings on each of the outputs. This is especially useful for one unit to power two different devices as voltage requirement of equipment vastly differed. It also saves the need of another external regulator as it has already been connected inside.

Adjustable voltages: 3-24v (upgraded model), 5-24v (normal model).

Highest current allowable is 8A across both outputs. Safety recommendation is to keep at 5A.

Comes with 1x GX16-DC Cable & 1x UK-plug power cord. The GX16-DC cable is made from China. DC head has options of 2.1mm or 2.5mm barrel diameter to choose. Please indicate which one is preferred.

We can set the required voltages for you before shipping out, so it saves you the trouble of opening up the chassis and probe the ends for reading and adjusting.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

3 reviews for Linear Power Supply (LPS) with Dual DC Output Voltage Adjustable and Regulator – OEM Rod Rain Audio

  1. Kerk

    Got the Dual output LPS. The built is great and you’ll notice the heft which usually is a sign of a good power supply. The seller is very patient and clear to all my queries. Highly recommended.

  2. michael yew

    Initially l brought this lps hoping that it would edge out the Breeze Audio lps to amply drive my Musical Fidelity mx-vynl. It turned out to be a unfair contest.. Sort of primary school level versus upper secondary;very obvious improvements were the increase in speed, transient response and tighten bass.. Although there wasn’t an increase volume, the bespoke attributes mentioned earlier gave an apparent increased in ‘sonic quantity’
    Recently, l replaced the stock fuse with Aucharm top-of-the line red, changed the stock rubber feet to Hudson silicon, opened up the chasis to tighten whatever loose bolts (especially beneficial was the torids’) the result? A further improvement in maturity, heft, and punch. The background silence was ‘deafening’ l thought the power amplifier was turned off! As far as visual aspects it was even more revealing and spectacular! My unblock tv box was promoted from dvd to 4k with just one plug-in to this lps. Awesome period. One wonders what premium power supply cables can squeeze that last ounce of juice can further transform this wonder box of surprises! This is a seriously serious lps without the hefty price tag to go with it. Will be giving an update once the Gotham are ready. Watch this space!

    michael yew
  3. David Llewelyn (verified owner)

    Jordan is a very competent and helpful gent. He arranged for a 120Vac version of the LPS, and made up ac and dc cables to match. He even procured a dc slim tip adapter to suit my Lenovo computer. He made good on his delivery dates, and his packing and shipping skills proved to be excellent. He was a pleasure to deal with.
    In situ, the LPS and cables all work perfectly, delivering the target dc voltage steadily. The unit has impressive heft and looks the part; the cables, too, are have that pro-audio polished look.
    I expect only small improvements in audio quality, given that this unit is powering a Roon end point and so is remote from the signal chain. I also expect that any changes will grow throughout the burn-in period and so may be hard to distinguish. Nonetheless, I’m very happy with this purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the unit, and Jordan Wong, to anyone contemplating its purchase.
    Thank you Jordan!

    David Llewelyn
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