QA Premium Audio Ground Box with Crocodile Clip Cable INCLUDED

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S$ 170.0

  • Bigger than Aucharm XL Grounding Box but smaller in footprint.
  • Prototyped and developed in-house branded audio grounding box.
  • Cube-shaped allows easy placement on any side as required per anyone’s equipment arrangement.
  • Uses a vast selection of mineral mix in various granular sizes, all natural minerals.
  • High quality bill of materials include pure copper sheet and 4N purity Silver wires.
  • Perfectly sealed.
  • Superb quality binding post for connection.
  • Effective against ground hum, signal noise, and interferences from RFI/EMI at multiple points of an audio setup.
  • Positive effect can already be quite immediately evident straight on first use.
  • Improved background transparency, one can expect a cleaner and faster bass.
  • Better spaciousness from the sense of air, gives vocal music an added touch of intimacy.
  • Multipurpose Silver-plated Copper crocodile-clip cable is INCLUDED! Length is 50cm. Additional S$5 for every 50cm extension.
  • About 2kg per box.
  • 11*11*11.5cm (W*H*D)
  • Made to order in 12 days.
  • 1 year warranty from QA.


Building on the success of Aucharm Grounding Boxes, QA has embark on prototyping and thus developed its own version with the aim of improving the structural build as well as further enhancing the quality and effect of the ground boxes offered.

QA Premium Audio Grounding Box, at a little over 2kg, weighs heavier than Aucharm XL Grounding Box. Not only is that containing more ‘ingredient’ for a more effective grounding, we have found out this can be an optimal mass to be used on most regular equipment. The choice of using a cube-shaped box is also a deliberate one – it looks balanced, non-obtrusive and can be easily placed on any side as required per anyone’s equipment arrangement. It is small in footprint and hence it may look even sleeker than Aucharm XL Grounding Box.

Internally, pure copper sheets at 0.05mm thickness lined the walls of the box. This creates a ‘live’, contained box acting like a mini Earth for the noises to be grounded and the surround conductivity also maximises the contact with the contents inside the box.

The main contact, however, has to come from the central rod of the speaker binding post where another thicker, folded sheet of pure copper as well as dozens strands of 4N purity silver wires are attached. Basically the aim is to get all the unwanted noise and interference current from the audio equipment it is attached to and get them to contact with the box contents as much as possible.

This ingredients mix has always been the guarded secret for almost all such ground boxes commercially available. But every box will have a different mixture. QA Premium Audio Grounding Box uses a vast selection of mineral mix in various granular sizes to balance the compacting nature together with the grounding strength from the assortment. About 2kg in total weight, there is no scrimping at all in the use of these minerals, all of which are natural.

We would have shaken and mixed evenly the contents on our end during our production, hence any vigorous shaking on customer’s end is not strictly necessary. Breaking in of this grounding box will be beneficial, but the positive effect can already be quite immediately evident straight on first use. We always recommend to connect ground boxes at the earliest possible components of the audio chain because that can help to result in a cleaner signal path as much as possible right from the beginning. Hence connecting to CDP, DAC, Turntable, pre amps and power strip/conditioner have the most impact of the setup.

From our observation, the more transparent background allows instruments to be better lifted to the foreground, where the boominess in the bottom frequency above sub-bass often due to noise is now better suppressed. One can expect a cleaner and faster bass. There is also better spaciousness from the sense of air some recordings may possess which gives vocal music an added touch of intimacy.

QA has included the multipurpose crocodile-clip cable (50cm, additional S$5 for every 50cm extension.) for your wide variety of connections. We recommend the use of specific RCA to Banana plug cable if the intention is to connect the ground box to spare RCA ports instead using the crocodile clip to clip on the RCA ports. It can be ordered here.

Made to order in 12 days.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 11 × 11 cm

8 reviews for QA Premium Audio Ground Box with Crocodile Clip Cable INCLUDED

  1. Kiat

    Is quite beautifully handmade with the box nicely glued and surface finished smoothly.. The binding post seems bigger and is higher quality in real life than in pictures and secured very tightly. After a while of connecting to my cd player I can kind of hear some improvement. It just makes the listening more enjoyable. May consider getting again.

  2. Steve Garcia (verified owner)

    I have dealt with Jordan twice, each time buying a grounding box. Both product and service are excellent. Jordan is a a great communicator and did his best to insure I was happy with my purchase. I highly recommend Quartz Acoustic.

    Steve Garcia
  3. michael Jephthah yew

    Its pretty straightforward to detect any improvements with ground boxes either it does or it doesn’t! The other 2 brands hardly elicit any difference im sonics except real estate of my abode! This one is exceptional. The first area of improvements is more bass definition and a clearer rendering of the human voice. I tried it on my Marantz and OPPO respectively. I haven’t have the chance to try it on my Sim Audio as it is taking a hiatus in a workshop. Secondary improvements include a slightly darker background (OPPO especially) this is quite impressive as l consider my set up to be exceptionally quiet -balanced isolation and extensive room tuned etc… The small form factor is another plus in addition the cable is of a thicker gauge contributing to the ‘defeat’ of a seemingly much meaner looking rival groundbox. My cavil are the excessive short length of the supplied cable l guess Jordan did it for sonic reasons and availability of more finishes. I guess the latter would translate into higher costs for audiophiles like myself. Summary : its small, it works and the price doesn’t cost cardiac arrests and its fairly good looking and non obtrusive. Verdict buy it or them especially with the 14-day return policy what have you got to lose?

    michael Jephthah yew
    • Jordan

      Thanks Michael for your kind compliments and detailed observation! Understood on the cable length concern – as these are individual boxes connected to its respective equipment, so putting them near to each other is one standard placement. The Quad Size+ on the other hand is a centralise unit of having connections up to 4 equipment, so we lengthened the given cable lengths to 1m each to reach them. In any case, there is also possibility to customise a longer length, in whichever unit one used on, just sound us up! 🙏

  4. Thomas Bauer (verified owner)

    Best service and communication concerning Hifi I ever got! The transport with FedEx was “supersonic”, 2 days from Singapore to Germany, I was really amazed! The box looks great, is neatly handcrafted, also the interconnect cables! As soon as plugged in to my Hifi equipment I could hear sound improvements immediately! Great deal, I will surely buy again another ground boxes! Thanks to Jordan for his great efforts and service!

    Thomas Bauer
  5. Martin Taylor (verified owner)

    The Quartz Acoustic box is well made and quite heavy. Jordan shipped my two very quickly after production. I swapped one in to my PS Audio regenerator in place of an Aucharm and the other to my LKS DAC in place of a Black Ravioli Eflos. In each case, the QA comprehensively outperformed what was in place before, with significant gains in soundstage ambience and fine detail. Noise floor is down and dynamics up. In my hi-res streaming using the Qobuz service, replay quality is the best I have yet achieved. Many thanks to Jordan for an excellent product!

    Martin Taylor
  6. Michele Vespignani (verified owner)

    I have purchased recently two Quartz Acoustic boxes. They are nice and easy to place. I did not have any previous experience with ground boxes. After one week experimentation with various positions in my audio chain I connected one box to the EtherRegen and the other to the modified Bluesound Node2i streamer. They are making a great impact much more than what I expected. The sound is more ”relaxed”, darker in a good way, with a lot of ambience air, tighter and deeper bass and explosive dynamic. Amazing! I would go on with further boxes.
    Service and comunication are first class. Many thanks to Jordan for the excellent work!

    Michele Vespignani
  7. Rob D (verified owner)

    These grounding boxes are an exceptional value. I had a chance to bring the Quartz box over to a friend’s house to compare to another grounding box costing 10 times more. We attached it to a Briscati M12 and separately a Signature Rendu.

    Not only was it as good as the box costing ten times more but it provided a more solid and deeper bass! The two were very easy to distinguish from each other.

    Highly recommended!

    Rob D
  8. Cameron Riach (verified owner)

    Added two of the premium audio ground boxes to my system (preamp and turntable power) and immediately noticed large improvement in clarity, definition, sound staging width and depth. As an experiment to check for expectation bias I took them off and the sound collapsed – I immediately put them back on! Will definitely be back for more and eyeing the Four Aces now….

    Cameron Riach
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