Introducing our Star Series Cables

A few months in the making and testing, QA is excited to announce a new lineup of high-performance cables, the Star Series.

Star Series is born out of the symbolism of excellence, like how children stand to understand from their first grading system since young. At the same time, it is also paying homage to the five stars on our Singapore national flag, where the country Quartz Acoustic proudly calls home.

There is no end to the best in hifi, so the thought of naming the best lineup of a brand as ‘reference’ like many others do is not QA’s ideal of thought. Surely our best is below the mark of the truly best one out there, if there really is one, categorically speaking. But in using the higher echelon of parts and components with similarly high-end craft of termination, our Star Series is no way hovering at even the upper midrange, but way more above that. With our Star Series cables, you are guaranteed a star of greatness high up in the vast openness of sky amongst others, and definitely also a platform not far away in your journey in search of reaching out to the next or more stars.

Prices of cable lineups in Star Series may look extraordinarily expensive in comparison to similar cables from the general DIY masses, but only because QA Star Series is not those average ones out there. Until one realises the true cost of the connectors/plugs we hand-picked to be used as terminations for our Star Series cables will then the value be fully understood. Using selections from Furutech, Oyaide and KLE to name a few, there is no one critical component of the Star Series cables being a counterfeit or inferiorly-made one, because the quality of the connectors/plugs are that crucial in ensuring these cables will be right down the long list of upgrades after getting them.

Many makers and resellers seemingly market their cables to only the affluent group, actually leaving the majority of users in the audio community totally devoid of chances in hearing what ‘really good authentic’ cables can sound like. This is the reason why we do not say Star Series is only for those who can afford it. Affordability is not true at all in hifi, because enthusiasts and audiophiles like us can afford anything we want – we will go to great lengths to get it, only sooner or later – if we are honest.

And that makes everyone the possibility be the rightful owner of Star Series cables if one fully appreciates how the sum of all parts will be a greater equivalent. Nothing beats owning a cable knowing it can bring significant improvement to their system whilst been safe in the knowledge craftsmanship quality is assured and warranty support is enabled. These are values proving to be monumentally worthier than considering any justification of prices for cables, or worse yet, comparing apples to oranges and still decided based on whichever is the cheaper one. This is only doing a disservice to the outstanding products of the brands involved, who have stood out amongst the rest and have already marked their presence in many truly top-of-the-line industry cables over the years.

And before we left out the reason for Star Series creation – QA believes in the potential of these cables and simply, they deserved to be paired with few of the best connectors/plugs in hifi audio to becoming a more common option of choices for all audiophiles and the community in powering and linking their equipment up.

All Star Series cables come with extended 2-year warranty from QA.