Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

From the month of March onwards, QA will be donating a small percentage of our proceeds to the Community Chest in Singapore on a monthly basis.

I have always believed in contributing back to the society in any way possible. While the field of industry in my work does not engage in the mass community to directly impact them positively, I hope a small monthly donation is the least I could make a difference.

While QA is nothing of big-earning entity, being registered as company should fulfill a corporate social responsibility, no matter how small, in the capacity as an official business.

All transactions made in March (even for back-dated ones before this announcement) will be attributed towards the donation for the month by beginning of April, with the subsequent months following the same pattern of contribution.

I thank you for your support of QA, from all customers old and new, and thank you for your contribution to the society. Every little amount counts.