Gotham Cable 85025 Audiophile Power Cord Sweet Midrange

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  • New and improved power cable from Gotham Cable
  • 3 x 2.5mm², 45 strands per core
  • Double-shielding for efficient noise protection
  • Highly Flexible, 9.5mm OD
  • Default terminated with high-strength US & IEC plugs
  • Copper/plating on copper contacts ensure optimal contact and secure connection
  • Changeable plug type to SG-type plug with S$3 top-up
  • Uses Duraplug from MK Electric
  • Highly musical output, sweet midrange, quiet background
  • 1 year warranty from QA
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Gotham Cable is a Switzerland company that specialises in various high quality audio cable. 85025 is an audiophile range for AC power cord with 3 x 2.5mm² per core. Employment of double shielding provided better RF noise and hum protection generated from the 50Hz signal going through the cable. At 9.5mm OD, the flex remains for a cable this size.

45 strands of pure copper for each core give this power cord a very musical sound output. There is immediate audio clarity to the equipment it powers and the improved midrange is very noticeable. Substantial burn-in period of more than 40 hours will bring out the timbre of details to a smooth frequency and quieter background.

The US and IEC plugs are made from high-strength plastic on the housings to provide a stronger durability than most while pure copper/plating on copper contacts inside offer optimal contact and connection.

With the option of changing US plug to SG plug without the use of multi-adapter, we have selected the Duraplug from Honeywell (previously MK Electric). It has the same construction in the contact pins (brass) of the famous red-coloured hospital-used MK plug terminated in many audiophile power cables, but with an added toughness and more pleasant-looking.

Stripped ends and earth pin at the source end have been dutifully insulated to prevent any shorting of shields along the cable.

High-grade materials selected and carefully hand-terminated with safety in mind.

1 year warranty from QA.

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1 review for Gotham Cable 85025 Audiophile Power Cord Sweet Midrange

  1. HM

    Well-made, good quality cable. Good sound and most importantly it’s flexible. 👍🏽

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