Vintage Western Electric (WE) 16-core 18awg Speaker Cables

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  • Authentic vintage cable from recent commodity source of Western Electric (WE).
  • Constructed from a total of 16-cores 18awg untinned cables.
  • Priced affordably than other offerings online.
  • Terminated with high quality gold-plated Xangsane spring-type banana plugs.
  • Ferrite Cores are included to cut down noises from interference further.
  • Wide soundstage and very good axis of separation.
  • Midrange quality is very smooth. Bass has the right amount it feels comfortable.
  • Fantastic retrieval of details.
  • Length is 2.5m pair, with a thick outside diameter (O.D) of 10.9mm.
  • 1 year warranty from QA.

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Western Electric (WE) has enjoyed a turbulent history since its inception more than a century ago. While we will not be going into their illustrious past, audiophiles will have no doubt enjoy the quality WE has offered all along in their product lineups.

Tubes from WE are renown worldwide. Another product which WE has a strong interest from the audiophiles are their vintage cables. And listed here is a speaker cable constructed from 16 cores of 18awg WE untinned vintage cables. This has a total of 16 cores in this pair of cables – each terminal has 4 cores each. This is the highest end of this kind of imported cable and our cost is just slightly over a hundred.

There are a variety of WE speaker cables on offer online that were priced at a huge range. Many have asked if this cable is authentic WE cables if they are so much cheaper than others. Yes, they are WE cables taken off from vintage equipment (not necessary audio/HIFI equipment) from the later middle part of 20th century and not from the mid-century or earlier. Somehow people will just always label WE cables as NOS anyhow.

Truth is really not the case. As mentioned earlier, WE timeline of history could be said to be kind of complicated with M&A all over, and everywhere online now will show these NOS WE cables as being tattered and torn. Some of those seemed legit and authentic enough, especially they have part numbers that could be identified, and they are really expensive. For us, similar to vacuum tubes, we hardly labelled such aged stuffs NOS without knowing exactly how and where they have been used in over 60-80 years. Can you guarantee anything your grandparents might have kept since they were born till now that it is still new without being used? Old Stocks yes, but New? Perhaps not so. But there is absolutely no doubt that these dated products really are superior in their performance and that is why they can be very expensive.

Our point is, true NOS WE cables will hardly be made into such common WE speaker cables because the rarity and cost (make no mistake, a total of 16 cores is really not cheap) will cause the cables to become really expensive. This is why this cable we labelled as vintage because it was from a more commodity but not that recent source, which is reflected in the price, and not trying to mislead by stating it as NOS when they are not, just so to command a very high price. This cable is probably the equivalent of some ‘NOS’ versions out there. However with this still being a WE cable, the performance is nonetheless admirably great and retained considerably the character of WE at this price point.

Terminated with high quality gold-plated Xangsane spring-type banana plugs. Ferrite Cores are included to cut down noises from interference further.

Hear for yourself the wide soundstage and axis separation this speaker cables could bring. Compared to the Vintage Western Electric (WE) 8-core 18awg Speaker Cables, this cable brings out further the midrange quality of the music. The smoothness of the music can never be understated. Bass is also more controlled and elegant, always delivering almost the right amount to any genres of music thrown at it. The details of separation it is capable of extruding gives listening to familiar music a whole new level of appreciation.

Length is 2.5m pair, with a thick outside diameter (O.D) of 10.9mm.

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  1. dieod75 (verified owner)

    Bangkok 25/07/2021

    I just made a deal with Jordan, He kept all these commitments and the product is 100% as described, the prices are contained, the quality is there, and the delivery times were very short. My opinion can totally trust this seller. Well done!

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