Warranty Service is our Top-Most Priority

One particular comment from potential customers which I got very often is that they could be getting the same item online themselves at a cheaper price.

Anyone can buy things easily online nowadays, and as an online shopper myself, I can definitely understand that in terms of price comparison.

However, striving to be a responsible online retailer and provide trust to customers, we place as much emphasis in our service and after sales support as in making prices attractive.

With our products imported from legitimate suppliers, we took out the guesswork that you may have in confronting with so many variations you see in sites like Taobao and Aliexpress. There is no need to worry about getting unreliable or mismatched item in the process of choosing one that is the cheapest. We took our own product photography; so what you see in pictures is what you get.

While you may still be getting the exact same item cheaper online by yourself, any problem you may encounter on the product later can leave you by yourself too. Even in the case of your online merchants allowing you to ship back defective items for servicing, the shipping fees incurred for that may just add up to what could be a good deal from the start becoming a costly deal at the end.

That is why one of the most important service from us is to provide warranty, for ALL of the items. Big or small, cheap or expensive, new or used (some tubes), every items we sell have got to be covered.

No worries of not able to find the person to speak to, no worries of not able to find an email to send, no worries of expensive overseas shipping fees and finding out where to ship to. Our warranty given to you is meant to just give you a simple and effortless process; just leave it to us. As long as the defect is under the scope of warranty and within the warranty period, you will get it back fixed.

At the end of the day, these are savings in our prices that will be counted in days to come. After all, values come in many forms not just quantified by figures alone, and we are always confident in that what we provide can be priceless.