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  • UPGRADED Muzishare X5 EL34 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp with Headphone Out

    Performance of this amp has increased significantly with over a dozen capacitors upgraded.

    • Uses Jantzen Audio Superior Z line of caps in addition to Nichicon KX, ELNA Silmic II and Vishay BC caps.
    • Smooth, silky vocal. Great extension to the upper frequency. Spaciousness and texture to details.
    • Local dealer for Muzishare
    • Using 4x EL34/6CA7/6L6/6L6G/6L6GC as power stage and 2x 12AU7 and 2x 12AX7 as pre-amp stage
    • Shuguang tubes rebranded under Muzishare
    • Easy bias-adjustment; no multimeter needed!
    • Tube-rolling gives different sweet EL34 sound flavours
    • Built-in 6.35mm headphone out allows this amp to be used as a pure tube headphone amp
    • Ample juice to drive power-hungry headphones, especially planar-magnetics ones
    • Toggle between Ultralinear and Triode mode of connections for different sound signatures on different music genres listening; convenient in toggling on-the-fly
    • 4 inputs allows multiple sources to be connected
    • Remote control can be used to adjust volume and mute
    • Easy put on and removal of painted steel cage provided
    • Available for Home Auditioning Session soon
    • 1 year warranty from QA
    S$ 1,740.0