UPGRADED Muzishare X5 EL34 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp with Headphone Out

S$ 1,740.0

Performance of this amp has increased significantly with over a dozen capacitors upgraded.

  • Uses Jantzen Audio Superior Z line of caps in addition to Nichicon KX, ELNA Silmic II and Vishay BC caps.
  • Smooth, silky vocal. Great extension to the upper frequency. Spaciousness and texture to details.
  • Local dealer for Muzishare
  • Using 4x EL34/6CA7/6L6/6L6G/6L6GC as power stage and 2x 12AU7 and 2x 12AX7 as pre-amp stage
  • Shuguang tubes rebranded under Muzishare
  • Easy bias-adjustment; no multimeter needed!
  • Tube-rolling gives different sweet EL34 sound flavours
  • Built-in 6.35mm headphone out allows this amp to be used as a pure tube headphone amp
  • Ample juice to drive power-hungry headphones, especially planar-magnetics ones
  • Toggle between Ultralinear and Triode mode of connections for different sound signatures on different music genres listening; convenient in toggling on-the-fly
  • 4 inputs allows multiple sources to be connected
  • Remote control can be used to adjust volume and mute
  • Easy put on and removal of painted steel cage provided
  • Available for Home Auditioning Session soon
  • 1 year warranty from QA


[UPDATE July 2019]

A full blog post of the upgrading can be read here.

Bringing our modification upgrades to the next level, we have completed testing on upgrading this beautiful Muzishare X5 EL34 integrated tube amp. It was a resounding success.

Get aided with these upgrades to hear the smooth, silky vocals, and the spaciousness of the textured details. Leave much of the flavourings of sounds to the tubes, these upgrades presented such a clean and neutral slate akin to a clean plate for even the slightest subtlety of the food, or sound, can appreciated when being served.

Jantzen Audio, a high end brand from Denmark, was one major branded capacitors in our modded upgrade. The Superior Z line of their caps have been lauded as one of audiophiles favourites for a long long time and reviews of these caps have never failed to impress. Other top of the line caps include Nichicon KX series, ELNA Silmic II and Vishay BC.

As part of the bundle to at least have the amp powered up suitably in a high standard state of operation, we are adding in one of our customers’ favourite product, the Furukawa OEM 17mm thick Audiophile Superb Clarity Power Cord FREE. Cable is 2m long to suit most circumstances of connecting. Pairing this cable with the upgraded amp ensures the amp is well-fed with clean and quality current of juice for excellent output preparation.


A full-feature article of this Muzishare X5 integrated tube amp can be read here in our blog!

EL34 tube types are loved by many tube fans for the sweetness in sound especially in the vocal region. With the varieties of different brands and vintage versions of this tube type, tube rolling for this amp is going to be very rewarding and fun. Add in the capabilities of acceptance in 6L6GC and 5881 tube types, your choices of sound flavours just increases by another few folds!

Bias-adjustment is too simple for this amp. No multimeter is needed, as the meter to gauge is built right into the amp as the bias meter in front. Only a flat-head screwdriver is all you need to bias your power tubes.

With 12AU7 and 12AX7 as the driver tubes for pre-amp section, tube-rolling with them adds on to the amazingly wide flavours of sound this amp could give you!

As competent as it can on powering passive speakers, it does as well as powering headphones. With the built-in 6.35mm headphone output, you can connect your favourite pair of cans and listen to the warm and open sound possibly at night if switching on the speakers is not possible! There is definitely no lack of power with 4x EL34 tubes as the power tubes in this amp. Hook up any dynamic headphone of 250 ohm and above, or better still, planar-magnetic headphones that often need a great deal of power to hear the best, you will be smitten to hear the smooth tonality from the EL34 tube types and equivalent.

Choose your flavours of sound depending on the musical genres being played with the toggle buttons between Ultralinear and Triode connection mode. Toggle them on-the-fly means saving the hassle of powering down and up the amp in every single change of mode.

Grab your remote and seated at your comfort as you enjoy the music. The all-aluminium remote is so well-built it is a joy to hold. Attaching and removing the steel cage is an effortless job, as both ways took no shine and gloss away from the beauty of this amp.


Ouput: 35W per channel on Ultralinear mode, 15W per channel on Triode mode
THD: 1% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50kHz (-1.5dB)
SNR: 88dB
Input sensitivity: 200mV (1kHz)
Input Impedance: 100kΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω-8Ω
Tube configuration: EL34 × 4, 12AU7 × 2, 12AX7 × 2
Dimensions: (W) 350mm X (D) 315mm X (H) 185mm
Weight: 23 kg (gross)

Package Contents:

  • Muzishare X5
  • 4x Muzishare EL34 power tubes
  • 2x Muzishare 12AU7 driver tubes
  • 2x Muzishare 12AX7 driver tubes
  • Steel cage
  • Remote control (with batteries)
  • US-standard AC power cord
  • Spare fuses
  • RCA jacks caps
  • Instruction manual (in Chinese, we provide English support if needed)

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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