Gotham GAC-2 AES Ultra Pro 110 Ohm with KLE Absolute Harmony High End RCA Interconnect Cables

S$ 235.0S$ 325.0

  • 2nd highest tier of cable in Gotham range
  • 2nd highest tier in KLE Innovations RCA connectors range
  • O.D of 8mm, presented externally in purple PVC
  • Each of the two conductors are individually shielded, total of 5 layers of shieldings
  • Each conductor carries an equivalent of 20AWG of wire
  • Can be use as pure AES/EBU digital cable with its constant 110 Ohm impedance (contact for request and quote)
  • Can be terminated with XLR plugs to make a fully balanced cable (contact for request and quote)
  • Absolute Harmony uses pure silver in both the signal and ground contacts, greater improvement in definition and tonality
  • So much more of the natural details could be heard, and felt
  • Soldered entirely with WBT 4% silver content solder
  • 1 year warranty


Our high end and exquisite combination of superior grade components, this is an analog RCA interconnect cables that is now edging past the upper mid tier of audiophile cables to give the higher end ranges, and also a lot more expensive, a proper run of money.

GAC-2 AES Ultra Pro 110 Ohm is Gotham’s 2nd highest lineup of their cable products. Having interacted with Gotham personally, they have vouched for the quality of this cable to be as good as others who are priced a few times more! The construction, as they said, is second to none, and because really, after seeing it, that is really impressive.

With an O.D of 8mm, this cable is hefty and thick. A beautiful purple outer PVC houses two conductors, both individually shielded, firstly with pure strands of copper, followed by the aluminum-coated polyester layer, before these four conductors are wrapped yet again by another layer of aluminum-coated polyester and finally by two layers of another pure copper shieldings, all to a coverage of 100%. There are a total of 5 layers of shieldings – AMAZING. Each conductor carries an equivalent of 20AWG of wire – considered a big gauge for interconnects.

One may have noticed it bears similar trait to the Ultimate cable GAC-4/1 Starquad Ultra Pro. Exactly the same shielding pattern, both are the top tiers in constructions and noise rejection. There is one main difference between these two other than the difference in conductor numbers, which is the constant impedance of 110 Ohm for GAC-2 AES Ultra Pro. This allows the cable to be usable as pure digital AES/EBU cable, single-ended analog interconnect and also possibly balanced XLR cable! Contact for request and quote.

KLE Innovations need no introduction. QA has always been a huge admirer and constantly proposing their RCA bullet plugs to customers because they are just fantastic. They are light and tough and although they do not seem to possess huge amount of heavy and shiny materials to make them look expensive, the metallurgy and purity of the contacts are really what set them to be on the same level as WBT, Furutech and Duelund.

The RCA series used here is the Absolute Harmony (upgraded from Pure Harmony), the second-highest range of their RCA connectors after being dethroned by the new flagship Perfect Harmony. While Silver Harmony was what we started with, we believed the additional upgrade path is well worth the spending to use, as this series used pure silver alloy in both the signal and ground contacts, giving rise to even more improvement in definition and tonality. With Pure Harmony 2nd Gen being priced as the same as the Absolute Harmony, it is definitely wise to just use Absolute Harmony, as this cable can only go stronger with better connectors used.

Combining the cable of Switzerland with the RCAs of Australia, this cable is so promising and capable it will be a mainstay in the audio chain for a good long time as a component that will not need to be looked at much in upgrading consideration.

This is so hard to describe the sound signature, to be honest. We can only say, if you think there could be no more possibility of your interconnects to sound better, this cable definitely and possibly can. You will be amazed at how much more of the natural details could be heard, and felt. With similar in construction to the GAC-4/1 Starquad Ultra Pro, the sound signature may be a tad similar. But a 2-conductor run for each signal and ground using the starquad may just yield that extra juice of details and added quietness of the extra shielding.

Nonetheless, this cable definitely presents a great value buck for performance from its versatility in applications.

As always, 14-days return applicable – do not take our words, get a pair and try it yourself.

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