Muzishare X3T EL84 Double Rectifier Class A Speaker and Balanced Headphone Output Integrated Tube Amp

S$ 1,120.0

  • New 2021 version
  • EL84 tubes are very underrated – but they are capable of delivering big and vocal-realistic notes despite being one of the smaller power pentode tubes
  • Double rectifier design with 2x Sovtek 5AR4 tubes deliver clean and precise power to the PSvane EL84 for power output amplification
  • Another pair in the driver section, 2x JJ 12AX7 tubes provide plenty of gain in the pre-amplification stage
  • Clever circuit design allows these trio of tube types to work at their best while maintaining the footprint of the whole amp to less than 10kg
  • Can easily drive bookshelf speakers of 88dB and above
  • Balanced headphone output through 4-pin XLR also give headphone users a very capable tube amp to drive power-hungry headphones
  • 35mm TRS input available at the back of the amp gives the option of connecting Single-ended headphones to similarly enjoy high level of amplification
  • Amp is also Bluetooth-capable to allow connection to mobile devices for additional input on top of the 2 sets of RCA inputs
  • With adapters or appropriate cables, X3T can be used as a competent tube pre-amp used before any power or integrated amp with pre-in through the headphone outputs
  • As a pre-amp, X3T delivers a wider and more open sound, separating the instrument layers and improving the dynamic range – useful for Rock, Classical and New Age genres of music
  • Portable yet solid build – as always from Muzishare
  • Beautifully gloss-coated over the shimmering glaze paint gives fantastically smooth finish
  • Fully-covered but removable cage design
  • Available for Home Auditioning Session
  • 1 year warranty from QA
  • QA is the official dealer of Muzishare tube amps in Singapore
  • Limited sets immediate available


As a result of the Ukraine War, any current Russian tubes have been temporarily replaced by Muzishare-branded tubes (ODMed from various Chinese tubes).

Muzishare X3T is another amp specially and specifically plugged into a segment of users who require a more than capable amp but sacrificing little in space.

With a footprint of just 14.5cm in height and 27cm wide, weighing at a little over 8kg, X3T uses a pair of the classic EL84 pentode tube as the output power tubes. Despite having just 5W per channel in the output, EL84 has been too underrated in recent times without recognising the merits this tube type has. In terms of vocal production, EL84 are not streets behind 300B or EL34. The faithful, warm and intimate vocal realism is a remarkable characteristic of EL84. The 5W per channel of output is no slouch to many solid state amps in fact, as this Class A X3T is more than capable to drive bookshelf speakers of 88dB and above with smooth, sweet tones.

The PSvane EL84s are driven by a pair of JJ 12AX7, rectified by another pair of rectifier tubes, the Sovtek 5AR4. 12AX7 is an improvement from the previous version of 6N3, providing plenty of additional gain at the pre-amp stage which the predecessors 6N3 could not have provided.

Incorporating rectifier tube has always been a consistent design in Muzishare amps – this takes much of a design in circuit implementation as well as cost, but knowing having a rectifier tube in their amps is not something Muzishare will scrimp if that brings significant sonic improvements. Having a pair of 5AR4 to supplement the clean and stable power to the EL84, the result is a dedicated and best possible power supply to the power tubes which is always the case in Muzishare tube amps. Upgrading the rectifier tubes can only make the sound even better, something solid sate amps or transistor-based rectifier tube amps cannot do.

Other than driving speakers, X3T is also a dedicated headphone amp. With its 6.35mm TRS output at the back of the amp and a 4-pin XLR output on the front, single-ended or balanced headphones can be easily plugged into the X3T for ample juice of amplifications most headphones will require. A burn-in of at least 20 hours is evident enough the sound will start to open up with deep depth and sense of surround, where instruments are beautifully arranged in the back of the head with the main performing instrument/vocals being accurately portrayed in the centre with clarity and details.

In addition to driving headphones, these respective outputs can allow X3T to be used as a capable tube-based pre-amp to be fed into the power or integrated amps with pre-in connection, using adapters and/or dedicated cables. If any solid-state based amp desires to be fed with touch of warmth from tubey-sounds, X3T performs this role admirably. It delivers a wider and more open sound, separating the instrument layers and improving the dynamic range – great for Rock, Classical and New Age genres of music.

With two RCA inputs, X3T has a 3rd input in the form of Bluetooth. If using it in a desktop setup, it can easily connect to any mobile devices for fuss-free streaming.

Muzishare amps have always been built with top-notch workmanship and materials. X3T is definitely a delight to touch with its smooth, gloss coat over the shimmering paint resulting in a fantastic finish of a delicate amp. Metal cage is similarly fully painted, covering the entire sections of the tubes (except bigger tubes are rolled in), but also removable to appreciate the aesthetics of the design and glowing tubes as and when desired.



Output: 5W per channel
SE Headphone Output: 900mW + 900mW (32Ω)
Balanced Headphone Output: 1500mW + 1500mW (32Ω)
THD: 0.5% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 50kHz (-1.5dB)
SNR: 90dB
Input sensitivity: 300mV­
Input Impedance: 100kΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω-8Ω
Tube configuration: 12AX7*2, 5AR4*2, EL84*2
Voltage: 115V/220VAC 50Hz (This amp is perfectly usable in Singapore. There is no amp specially made for Singapore voltage. Our AC is 230V in theory but it fluctuates. 220-240V appliances will work perfectly fine.)
Dimensions: (W) 270mm * (D) 245mm * (H) 145mm
Weight: 8.4kg (gross)

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Weight 9 kg


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