Muzishare R100 (211, 845 & 805 selectable) SET Integrated Tube Amp (Exclusive SG Models with upgraded high end capacitors)

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S$ 3,000.0S$ 4,070.0

Extended warranty, 18 months, for SG Models, exclusively upgraded in Singapore only through QA with enhanced high-end Jantzen Audio or Mundorf Caps.

See our blog post, Muzishare R100 in details, to view the video walk-through and an extensive detailing of R100 specifications and impressions.

  • Muzishare flagship model
  • 3 versions to choose from, using 211, 845 or 805 as output tubes. The tubes are not exchangeable between the models
  • 845 retains the sweetness of vocals of 300B and still present the tightness of the bass with aplomb. High end sparkles with high level of realism
  • Regardless of volume level, power from 845 tubes extrudes all the fine details of almost all the frequencies, enabling the intricacies to be heard
  • All models are driven by 2x 300B, with 2x 12AX7 and 2x 6SN7 as the pre-amp stage, rectified by a single 5U4G rectifier tube
  • All stock tubes except the 6SN7 are branded under PSvane, a superior standard for stock tubes over Shuguangs
  • Easy bias and hum balance adjustment; no multimeter needed
  • Great multitude of inputs available
  • Balanced and Phono inputs inject great performance value
  • Top up S$480 to upgrade to SG Model-A which includes 6x coupling caps to Jantzen Audio Silver Z and 6x Vishay BC/Elna Silmic line of caps for a bigger and smoother sound
  • Top up S$790 to upgrade to SG Model-S which includes 6x coupling caps to Mundorf Supreme SilverGold Oil and 6x Vishay BC/Elna Silmic line of caps for an improvement in harmonics, superb imaging depth and excellent resolution
  • Removable two-halves semi-open plastic cage
  • Available for Home Auditioning Session
  • 1 year warranty from QA for stock model, 1.5 years extended warranty for SG Models
  • QA is the official dealer of Muzishare tube amps in Singapore.
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Please refer to our blog post, Muzishare R100 in details, to view the video walk-through and an extensive detailing of R100 specifications and impressions.

Muzishare R100 is their latest flagship model – a hefty tube amp that branches into three different versions of 211/845/805 tubes respectively, allowing customer to choose one that they are most comfortable with.

845 was chosen for our audition model because it is the highest retail value of the tubes among the three (despite 805 version of the amp costing a higher price) and it sits in the middle ground of 211 and 805 in terms of power output. Presumably, it should give quite an accurate sense of the two.

PTP wiring is a great virtue of tube amps, and this can gladly be appreciated in which they did so on the connections to and from the tube sockets. But at such competitive price point, R100 offers superb specifications of having phono inputs and balanced inputs which other similar brands of amps cannot offer without a more expensive price tag.

Stowaway the need of having additional phono stage as R100 minimise further signal loss by directing it straight from your turntable to your speakers. Digital files can be played to its glory with the availability of fully balanced connection from your similarly-capable DAC/DAP. One less analogue signal transmission is one huge step to music originality.

845 big triode tubes will effortlessly drive any speakers in reaching its full potential. Driven by 300B, pre-amped by 12AX7 and 6SN7, and rectified by 5U4G, the musicality, openness, sweetness, clarity, truthfulness, timbre and most importantly the bottom end, which can be a weak spot for tube amps, will all be present for a full enjoyment of sonic nirvana.

Having a rectifier tube is a very significant implementation by Muzishare at this price point not implemented elsewhere in other brands. A rectifier tube provides excellent efficiencies in current distributing and stabilising, allowing the tubes to be fed with cleaner and stable current for cleaner signal output. And this provides another channel of sound improvement when rolling rectifier tubes with even better vintage tubes. The presence of this rectifier tube is often overlooked but it holds a great deal to the quality of R100.

Muzishare amps have always been manufactured to a high level of standard without comprising the external look and feel. R100 continues this tradition in creating a unique but aesthetically-pleasing and modern tube amp that will sit pretty tidy amongst many deco and high-end audio equipment in your rack/console.



Output: 15W per channel (211), 30W per channel (845), 50W per channel (805)
THD: <1% (1kHz)
Frequency Response: 15Hz – 35kHz (-1.5dB)
SNR: 92dB
Input sensitivity: 200mV
Input Impedance: 100kΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω-8Ω-16Ω
Tube configuration: 12AX7*2, 6SN7*2, 5U4G*2, 300B*2, 845*2 (211*2, 805*2)
Voltage: 115V/220VAC 50Hz (This amp is perfectly usable in Singapore. There is no amp specially made for Singapore voltage. Our AC is 230V in theory but it fluctuates. 220-240V appliances will work perfectly fine.)
Dimensions: (W) 430mm * (D) 435mm * (H) 295mm
Weight: 48kg (gross)

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Weight 50 kg

1 review for Muzishare R100 (211, 845 & 805 selectable) SET Integrated Tube Amp (Exclusive SG Models with upgraded high end capacitors)

  1. KH

    In short, this is a very good tube amplifier. The sound and build quality are simply amazing for the price. To be honest, there is no other 845/805 tube amplifier you can get at this price, even the rest of the China brands are selling above 4k. Furthermore, Muzishare uses a proper rectifier tube in the design which I preferred over transistor type. From payment to receiving of the set took less than 12 days. Very impressive shipping speed. Transaction with Jordan has been smooth and updates were prompt. You can have no worries dealing with him. A very satisfying experience for my purchase! Highly recommended.

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