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  • QAV Volumio I²S High Res Bit-perfect Music Streamer and Player with DAC Out

    • Now a complete solution of Volumio streaming and DAC with power supply within a chassis of fully decked-out connectors and colour display screen
    • Power filter hat has a higher capacitance value than the standalone one in total to give the best possible power source
    • DAC hat is a major improvement using Sabre ESS 9038Q2M chip with full RCA, 3.5mm, S/PDIF Coaxial and Toslink and I²S HDMI output
    • Clean digital outputs from S/PDIF and I²S to external DACs give high quality and pristine signals that can sound better than using USB
    • I²S out allows higher sampling rates up to PCM384 and DoP256 while S/PDIF is capped to PCM192 and DoP64 – generally suffice for most
    • Including the power filter hat, there are a total 3 stages of power filtering for RPI to sound great
    • Having excellent components of power source built inside QAV ensures the RPI and DAC are performing optimally
    • Even better fuses made for hifi from Rod Rain Audio are used at the power IEC inlet
    • 3.5 inch colourful and sharp screen in front provides useful information in date, time and details of the music being played with any accompanying album art stored
    • Rack mount connectors are used for every one of the outputs, ensuring optimal, professional and premium connection
    • High-grade components from Gotham cables, Oyaide and Viablue are used in hook up within the board to connectors
    • Unique design of the chassis is perfectly CNCed with precision, while wordings and logo are cleanly and clearly printed/engraved
    • Supports UPNP, Airplay and Spotify Connect on free Volumio version. Tidal is supported on paid version at EUR60 / year
    • Music library can be easily imported into Volumio from internal micoSD, external HDD/SSD or through NAS wired or wireslessly
    • Add on package with a 512 or 1TB speedy XPG NVMe external portable SSD storage – fast transfer of music from computer and easy plug in to QAV
    • FREE shipping in Singapore. 2 years warranty from QA. Setup guide included with purchase. Build and assembled on order up to 3-4 weeks lead time
    • 🔊 Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804
    S$ 988.0S$ 1,418.0
  • QA Triple Aces Supreme Audio Ground Box with 4N Purity Triple Metal Solid Core Grounding Cable

    • Read more here for the detail run down of the process to the beginning and production of the QA Triple Aces
    • Made with significant step ups in all areas from our best selller original ground box
    • More than a dozen of ingredients, over a third more than original QA Premium Ground Box
    • The addition of 3 types of fine metal powder in 4N purity give rise to the name of this box
    • Pure silver powder is one crucial component of the three, with pure copper being the other
    • Thick walls of black walnut box houses the 6kg worth of content with super strength while the smooth finish and beautiful grain oozes class
    • Authentic CMC binding post with high-quality gold plating provides great conductivity from the grounding cable to the interior mix
    • Includes 1x 50cm grounding cable constructed from scratch, fully hand-made by QA as well, with pure 4N silver and copper single core twisted with a 3rd metal core, as per the internal mix, QA could not disclose
    • Sheathed with cotton, wrapped with heat shrink before being sleeved with cotton-PET sleeve, the grounding cable is terminated on the ends from Puresonic
    • Excellent tech and make of Puresonic connectors resulted in a high-end and proprietary-designed grounding cable that is a perfect match to the Triple Aces as far as the three metals are consistently present
    • Default configuration of the grounding cable is spade to banana. Available to choose among banana, spades or RCA
    • Inclusion of 4x precisely-machined spikes tipped with copper provides sturdy stabilisation and isolation free from unwanted vibration on surface Triple Aces is seated on
    • Golden brass tag of QA branding on top of the box is the seal of authenticity and touch of professionalism
    • For users who have used QA Premium Ground Box before, QA Triple Aces will be significantly a marked improvement with more immediate and obvious discerned
    • Most ideal for those who are open to and appreciative of passive and actually working components in audio chain
    • No system is too perfect to not be effected with an even cleaner sound, bigger staging, improved timings and crispier tonality
    • There is no guesswork with QA Triple Aces – one can find out how different it can make to the various component in an audio system
    • Come with 3 years warranty. Lead time for construction 3-4 weeks
    • Flat rate shipping to most overseas countries at S$99/box with FedEx or DHL. Contact us for confirmation. Additional fees apply for more than one box.
    S$ 1,200.0S$ 1,440.0
  • Upgraded and Modified BG7TBL Higher Quality 10MHz OCXO Master Clock with Counter Display

    Only limited sets available!

    • Recently more higher grade of consumer audio equipment comes built-in with Clock inputs
    • Input of an external Clock provides a more stable and consistent frequency timing, overwriting the often less precise on-board ones
    • Very noticeably, you can immediately feel the improved clarity and ‘timing’ in the music. The notes are seemingly much more aligned, producing a very clear imaging of sound with the background turning instantly transparent and noise-free
    • The fact the music just sounds right is a huge step up and is a thoroughly enjoyable improvement
    • BG7TBL has been a very popular Clock generator producer in China which has gathered massive praise and compliments over the years
    • To better improve the product, QA upgraded from the stock basic caps to Vishay BC caps
    • At the core of the Master Clock, QA chose and upgraded to using Oscilloquartz (datasheet) and Toyocom OCXOs, made in Switzerland and Japan respectively, the higher quality and precision of the OCXO is a huge upgrade over the stock one which is more commonly made in China
    • Only the finest few of the OCXOs QA has sourced from makes the final selection to be used in the upgrade
    • We have calibrated the output to be within ± 3 Hz of the reference 10MHz, an accuracy deemed respectable and within expectation for the price
    • The addition of a frequency counter onto the chassis as a touch of an aesthetical industrial approach, displaying the real-time output frequency of the Master Clock
    • With its own components and oscillators at circuit level, it is important to understand the perfectly-normal drifting of timing in the counter itself can affect another ± 5 Hz of output deviation
    • 2 toggle switches control the frequency counter, while the ground post allows ground box to be connected easily which further improves the sound in transparency and details
    • 2 ways of placement – either on the back or on its side
    • A warm up time of at least 5-7 minute is needed for the frequency to stabilise. 15 minutes onwards will be primed for use
    • Comes with a SG/UK-plug type 12V power adapter and a 50cm 50-ohm BNC cable
    • 1.47Vrms, 4.41Vpp, 16.24 dBm
    • Can get together with our 6dB RF Attenuator as a package price to pad the output level down if required
    • 1-year warranty from QA
    S$ 370.0S$ 395.0
  • Raspberry Pi Power Conditioning Filter Add-on Hat for Outstanding Clean Power Supply Improving Dynamics and Transparency

    • Highly recommended for use with RPI 4 model B
    • Powered by DC input, the power goes through a series of capacitors arrays filtering and stabilising the current before powering the RPI through the GPIO pins
    • Powering of Pi through the GPIO pins is a little bit more direct than the Type C path,
    • Can similarly provide a cleaner source of power directly to any additional hats on top of it through the GPIO pins for them to run on
    • Improved transparency, darker background and better dynamics can be expected with this hat
    • A UK/SG type 5V 3A DC power adapter is included
    • Does not come with acrylic covers
    S$ 40.0
  • 50-ohm 3W Gold-plated Centre Pin BNC 6dB RF Attenuator

    FREE Singapore Shipping (non-trackable)! Top up $4 for Qxpress delivery.

    • Audiophile-grade RF attenuator for use when Clock-input devices have a required input level lower than that of the Master Clock and Clock generators
    • Although there is no apparent issue with connecting a Sine Wave output higher that of the required level, padding the RF level down is a safe and assured way of syncing the Clocks correctly
    • 6dB attenuators is padding the level by 50%
    • Audiophile-grade construction with gold-plated centre pin and strong connection ensure there is practically no loss or degradation in RF signal transmission
    S$ 30.0
  • TeddyPardo Products

    Official Dealer for Singapore and SEA Regions

    We can get any TeddyPardo products available on their website: 

    • Our prices are actually USD$10-50 (final amount will still be converted and charged in SGD) cheaper than one buying direct from TeddyPardo
    • Our shipping and delivery time will be faster than one shipping directly from TeddyPardo because we use express shipping in DHL/FedEx despite our routes being two-legged
    • Customers buying from QA will get the full support and warranty as offered by TeddyPardo – a dealer in closer region and with similar timezone will mean faster response
    • You will get a power cord (UK/SG type G)
    • In most occasions, TeddyPardo will refer interested customers in QA region of dealership back to us
    • And finally, also probably the most important reason for SEA friends, you will be in safe hands of getting TeddyPardo’s products shipping out from Singapore without concerns from the customs due to socio-political implications

    For enquiry and order, please visit for the product you wish to purchase and QA will create the order for your payment.

    Lead time from order placement to delivery in most cases is within 12 working days ±.

    S$ 0.0
  • Muzishare P-10 High Fidelity Isolated AC Noise Filter with Grounding Post Power Strip Conditioner

    • High price-performance ratio
    • Excellent in filtering AC noise
    • Minimise RFI and EMI
    • All sockets, except a pair of bypass sockets at the end, come with surge protection, spikes overloads and high superiority of filtering
    • Indicator LEDs of signifying the various proper functioning of the unit
    • Has a dedicated grounding post which is useful for connecting devices like turntable or phono stage to provide additional grounding
    • Uses Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) as piezoelectric ceramics in the current filtering components which work effectively in minimising more than 95% of noise in AC current
    • Each set of output socket types has a dedicated filter circuit which keeps to the signal integrity and purity for every of the equipment connected
    • Each socket is wired with the star wiring method which isolates each power cable connected to P-10 from the rest, thereby preventing any undesirable effect of cross talk between the cables and sockets
    • High quality DCT duplex sockets are used in the unit ensuring a high degree of pure and clean transmission in power and current
    • External chassis are finely crafted from CNC aluminum which not only adds to the rigidity and aesthetic, but also helps in rejecting external RFI and EMI
    • Lead time of 9 days ± for arrival of order
    • 1-year official warranty from QA
    S$ 268.0
  • Linear Power Supply (LPS) with Dual DC Output Voltage Adjustable and Regulator – OEM Rod Rain Audio

    • Supply a consistent and clean DC signal for equipment
    • Equipment can very much benefit from such clean current
    • Darker background and defined details, with enhanced soundstage can be expected
    • Uses high-grade 120-watt torodial transformer – effective, low noise, low magnetic interference
    • Stepped down voltage pass through series of capacitors and an inductor coil for noise filtering
    • Regulated voltage at the end point adjustable with the trimmer potentiometer
    • Comes with 2x GX16 connector as the output jack
    • Single voltage for normal model, dual voltage on upgraded model
    • Can pre-set voltage(s) according to your needs
    • Comes with 1x generic DC cable and 1x UK power cord
    • Dimensions: 13.5 * 25 * 6cm (W*D*H)
    • Weight: 2.5kg
    S$ 138.0S$ 158.0
  • 5N Pure OFC Solid Core Copper 29AWG Tonearm Headshell Lead Wire

    FREE Singapore Shipping (non-trackable)! Top up $4 for Qxpress delivery.

    • 5N high purity OFC solid core copper at 29awg
    • Individually stranded and sleeved
    • Improved gold-plated cartridge clips
    • Petal-shaped openings of clips have better grips and are tougher while being shorter than previous versions
    • Meticulously-handmade in Singapore
    • Soldered with WBT 4% Silver solder
    • Colour-coded adhesive shrink wrapped for insulation and durability
    • Sounds very close to Duelunds but with faster and tighter bass notes
    • Compared to pure silver strands, musical notes sounds open and less congested.
    • 14-days money-back guarantee if you feel the performance does not meet the value. No question asked
    • Approximate 40mm end-to-end
    • 1 year warranty
    S$ 40.0
  • QA Premium Audio Ground Box Quad Size+ with 4x 1m Cable Selectable

    • 4 individually isolated grounding in one big box.
    • Fully developed and assembled in Singapore, in-house branded audio grounding box.
    • Each grounding portion is 5-7% more in content than one original QA Premium Audio Ground Box.
    • Can be conveniently placed on hifi rack without being out of place,
    • Uses a vast selection of mineral mix in various granular sizes, all natural minerals.
    • High quality bill of materials include pure copper sheet and 4N purity Silver wires.
    • Perfectly doubled sealed.
    • Superb quality binding post for connection.
    • Effective against micro level of ground hum, signal noise, and interferences from RFI/EMI at multiple points of an audio setup.
    • Positive effect can already be quite immediately evident straight on first use.
    • Improved background transparency, one can expect a cleaner and faster bass.
    • Better spaciousness from the sense of air, gives vocal music an added touch of intimacy.
    • 4x 1m thick silver-plated copper cables included, with your choice of termination to choose from banana, spade and RCA!
    • Over 9kg per box.
    • 31.6 x 18.2 x 12.9 cm (W*D*H)
    • Made to order in 12 days.
    • 1 year warranty from QA.
    S$ 680.0
  • 4N Pure Solid Silver 26awg Turntable Headshell Lead Wire

    FREE Singapore Shipping (non-trackable)! Top up $4 for Qxpress delivery.

    • Uses one of the highest-rated conductor of 4N pure silver
    • Single solid strand at 26awg
    • Gold-plated cartridge clips – solid core at its base
    • Meticulously-handmade in Singapore
    • Individually polished before heat-shrunk for insulation
    • Soldered with Oyaide SS 4.7% silver content solder
    • Shrink wrapped for insulation and durability
    • Brings out the pristine nature and high resolution it is capable of resolving than OFC
    • Remarkable tonality balance and precision of the sound especially after 30 hours of burn-in
    • 14-days money-back guarantee if you feel the performance does not meet the value. No question asked
    • 50mm of wire-length, approximate 73mm end-to-end
    • 1 year warranty
    S$ 54.0
  • Trend

    QA Premium Audio Ground Box with Crocodile Clip Cable INCLUDED

    • Bigger than Aucharm XL Grounding Box but smaller in footprint.
    • Prototyped and developed in-house branded audio grounding box.
    • Cube-shaped allows easy placement on any side as required per anyone’s equipment arrangement.
    • Uses a vast selection of mineral mix in various granular sizes, all natural minerals.
    • High quality bill of materials include pure copper sheet and 4N purity Silver wires.
    • Perfectly sealed.
    • Superb quality binding post for connection.
    • Effective against ground hum, signal noise, and interferences from RFI/EMI at multiple points of an audio setup.
    • Positive effect can already be quite immediately evident straight on first use.
    • Improved background transparency, one can expect a cleaner and faster bass.
    • Better spaciousness from the sense of air, gives vocal music an added touch of intimacy.
    • Multipurpose Silver-plated Copper crocodile-clip cable is INCLUDED!
    • About 2kg per box.
    • 11*11*11.5cm (W*H*D)
    • Made to order in 12 days.
    • 1 year warranty from QA.
    S$ 150.0