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  • Muzishare X9 Dedicated 300B Vacuum Tube Integrated Class A Amp with Stock Mundorf Supreme Capacitors, Forward and Hyper Realistic Vocals

    • 300B tube amps are absolute favourites to be paired with bookshelf speakers of strong midrange performance
    • Muzishare designs and builds X9 with 300B tubes to be a high-end and flagship model seldom seen anywhere else
    • All tube configurations are in pairs, 1 of 274B, 300B, 6SN7 and 6SL7 for each channel
    • The mesmerising trait of 300Bs is the ability of render vocals to be so hyper realistic and focus
    • Vast connectivity options make X9 a highly receptive and versatile unit over many other similar tube amps
    • Orange glow of the middle pair of VU meters will add sophistication and charm when music is playing
    • 6.5mm single ended headphone output can easily drive most headphones in the moderate impedance rating
    • NFB 1 & 2 options are like the Triode and Ultralinear modes of X5 and X7, where NFB 1 is akin to the Triode mode, warmer sounding and more intimate, and NFB 2 is similar to Ultralinear mode – slightly higher in dynamic range and improved resolution at a slight expense of vocal intimacy
    • Flagship status of X9 came also from the fact that stock units already come with audiophile-grade capacitors from Mundorf
    • Not for rock, heavy metal, or any music where big bass is desired – expectation must be set right
    • For Jazz, Vocals, string Ensemble, on good recordings, background music will envelope you, putting you inside the music, with the lead vocals being placed in prominence at the absolute centre with precise imaging. The sense of air adds to the touch of realism, providing every nuance of details you could almost imagine being in the exact scenario the artistes were in when doing the recording
    • Truly in the realm of vocal presentation with an audiophile amplifier
    • Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804.
    • 1-year official dealer warranty from QA
    • Delivered in a wooden crate on top of double-boxing for higher security against bumps
    • 🔊 Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804
    S$ 3,340.0
  • Muzishare X7 KT88 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp Latest 2022 Model with Balance Inputs Enjoyable Wide Soundstage

    • Read here for a detailed writeup with a video of sound demo!
    • Latest edition of the 2022 model, comes with balance inputs now!
    • Easily produce 45 watt per channel output in Ultralinear mode; 25 watt per channel in Triode mode
    • Can easily drive most, if not all, of the bookshelf speakers in the market, as well as most floor standers without breaking much of a sweat
    • Can well compete amongst many solid-state (SS) amps with the addition of the sweet harmonics nature of tube amps
    • Excellently handles genres like rock, orchestra, electronica etc with wide fields of stereo imaging
    • Distinctive instrument separation of the tracks makes listening with X7 very enjoyable especially on spaces where speakers can breathe
    • Really clean and define sound signature
    • Triode mode takes off some edge of the sounds, making it more analogous and smoother sounding, great for vocal genres of music like Jazz and Pop
    • Rolling of KT88 tubes can be costly; rolling of the preamp and rectifier tubes can bring various surprises with the wide availability of alternatives for them
    • Vast connectivity options make X7 a highly receptive and versatile unit over many other similar tube amps
    • Orange glow of the middle pair of VU meters will add sophistication and charm when music is playing
    • 6.5mm single ended headphone output can easily drive most headphones in the moderate impedance rating
    • Truly high end in a very competitive price package
    • 1-year official dealer warranty from QA
    • 🔊 Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804
    S$ 2,270.0
  • QA Phono Stage, OEM Modified and Upgraded – FET Vinyl Turntable Preamplifier Class A Circuit usable on MM/MC Cart

    • Improved Harmonics, Low Noise, Layered Presentation
    • New and improved line of preamp for vinyl users
    • High-performance bang-for-buck
    • OEM Modified and Upgraded, clearly better than stock
    • Replaced with a gold-plated binding post which now enables a banana plug fitting
    • Existing stock caps are upgraded with audiophile film capacitors from Miflex and Audience Auricap
    • Crispiness of the sound from Miflex and the lush openness of Auricap complimented remarkably well
    • Use of FETs as opposed to opamps give a very musical and clean sound signature
    • FETs can possess traits of tube in warmth, while still adding on to a livelier presentation, improving the PRaT
    • Further increases in performance on feeding in with linear power supply at 16V 1A
    • Both MM and MC cart usable. Default cartridge loading impedance of 47k ohm and 470 ohm respectively
    • Cartridge loading impedance can be customised accordingly, just let us know on order
    • Made to order in 12-14 days. Lend-to-try at S$50 (fully-refundable deposit) for 2 days
    • 1-year warranty from QA
    S$ 350.0
  • Muzishare X3T EL84 Double Rectifier Class A Speaker and Balanced Headphone Output Integrated Tube Amp

    • New 2021 version
    • EL84 tubes are very underrated – but they are capable of delivering big and vocal-realistic notes despite being one of the smaller power pentode tubes
    • Double rectifier design with 2x Sovtek 5AR4 tubes deliver clean and precise power to the PSvane EL84 for power output amplification
    • Another pair in the driver section, 2x JJ 12AX7 tubes provide plenty of gain in the pre-amplification stage
    • Clever circuit design allows these trio of tube types to work at their best while maintaining the footprint of the whole amp to less than 10kg
    • Can easily drive bookshelf speakers of 88dB and above
    • Balanced headphone output through 4-pin XLR also give headphone users a very capable tube amp to drive power-hungry headphones
    • 35mm TRS input available at the back of the amp gives the option of connecting Single-ended headphones to similarly enjoy high level of amplification
    • Amp is also Bluetooth-capable to allow connection to mobile devices for additional input on top of the 2 sets of RCA inputs
    • With adapters or appropriate cables, X3T can be used as a competent tube pre-amp used before any power or integrated amp with pre-in through the headphone outputs
    • As a pre-amp, X3T delivers a wider and more open sound, separating the instrument layers and improving the dynamic range – useful for Rock, Classical and New Age genres of music
    • Portable yet solid build – as always from Muzishare
    • Beautifully gloss-coated over the shimmering glaze paint gives fantastically smooth finish
    • Fully-covered but removable cage design
    • Available for Home Auditioning Session
    • 1 year warranty from QA
    • QA is the official dealer of Muzishare tube amps in Singapore
    • Limited sets immediate available
    S$ 1,120.0
  • Trend

    Muzishare R100 2021 updated Models (211, 845 & 805 selectable) SET Integrated Tube Amp (Exclusive SG Models with upgraded high end capacitors)

    Extended warranty, 18 months, for SG Models, exclusively upgraded in Singapore only through QA with enhanced high-end Jantzen Audio or Mundorf Caps.

    See our blog post, Muzishare R100 in details (albeit that was the previous model), to view the video walk-through and an extensive detailing of R100 specifications and impressions.

    • Current models for purchase will all be 2021 updated models. Following are the updates done:
      • Remote control is now added
      • Upgrade of transformer coil winding materials to OCC copper
      • Upgrade of tubes 12ax7 from psvane to JJ, 6sn7 from Shuguang to EH/JJ
      • Otimisation of circuits
    • Muzishare flagship model
    • 2 versions to choose from, using 845 or 805 as output tubes. The tubes are not exchangeable between the models
    • 845 retains the sweetness of vocals of 300B and still present the tightness of the bass with aplomb. High end sparkles with high level of realism
    • Regardless of volume level, power from 845 tubes extrudes all the fine details of almost all the frequencies, enabling the intricacies to be heard
    • All models are driven by 2x 300B, with 2x 12AX7 and 2x 6SN7 as the pre-amp stage, rectified by a single 5U4G rectifier tube
    • Easy bias and hum balance adjustment; no multimeter needed
    • Great multitude of inputs available
    • Balanced and Phono inputs inject great performance value
    • Top up S$480 to upgrade to SG Model-A which includes 6x coupling caps to Jantzen Audio Silver Z and 6x Vishay BC/Elna Silmic line of caps for a bigger and smoother sound
    • Top up S$790 to upgrade to SG Model-S which includes 6x coupling caps to Mundorf Supreme SilverGold Oil and 6x Vishay BC/Elna Silmic line of caps for an improvement in harmonics, superb imaging depth and excellent resolution
    • Removable two-halves semi-open plastic cage
    • Available for Home Auditioning Session
    • 1 year warranty from QA for stock model, 1.5 years extended warranty for SG Models
    • Delivery in 8 days ± from order confirmation
    • QA is the official dealer of Muzishare tube amps in Singapore
    • 🔊 Audition available in our shop front at Peninsula Shopping Centre #03-19, Singapore 179804
    S$ 3,720.0S$ 4,590.0
  • ge5654_pre_main

    GE JAN 5654W (6J1) Tube Preamp/Output Buffer/Headphone Amp

    • Made locally in Singapore
    • 3 in 1; preamp, tube output buffer, headphone amp
    • Sweet colouration of ‘tube-sound’
    • Comes with GE JAN 5654W NOS tubes; premium versions of 6J1
    • Uses premium audiophile-grade capacitors; Vishay BC, Nichicon FW series & WIMA
    • Tube sockets and RCA ports all gold-plated
    • All premium grade components soldered with WBT 4% silver content solder core
    • Acrylic enclosure manually hand-sprayed, assembled and ports-labelled from within
    • Plug adapter in RCA output for 3.5mm headphone input to use as pure tube-output desktop headphone amp
    • 12V AC adapter included
    • Expanded soundstage and defined frequency spectrum
    • 91mm(W) x 89mm(D) x 40mm(H)
    • 1 year warranty from QA

    *Backorders will take 2 weeks to ship

    S$ 125.0
  • UPGRADED Muzishare X5 EL34 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amp with Headphone Out

    Performance of this amp has increased significantly with over a dozen capacitors upgraded.

    • Uses Jantzen Audio Superior Z line of caps in addition to Nichicon KX, ELNA Silmic II and Vishay BC caps.
    • Smooth, silky vocal. Great extension to the upper frequency. Spaciousness and texture to details.
    • Local dealer for Muzishare
    • Using 4x EL34/6CA7/6L6/6L6G/6L6GC as power stage and 2x 12AU7 and 2x 12AX7 as pre-amp stage
    • Shuguang tubes rebranded under Muzishare
    • Easy bias-adjustment; no multimeter needed!
    • Tube-rolling gives different sweet EL34 sound flavours
    • Built-in 6.35mm headphone out allows this amp to be used as a pure tube headphone amp
    • Ample juice to drive power-hungry headphones, especially planar-magnetics ones
    • Toggle between Ultralinear and Triode mode of connections for different sound signatures on different music genres listening; convenient in toggling on-the-fly
    • 4 inputs allows multiple sources to be connected
    • Remote control can be used to adjust volume and mute
    • Easy put on and removal of painted steel cage provided
    • Available for Home Auditioning Session soon
    • 1 year warranty from QA
    S$ 1,740.0